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How to Get Rid of Tree Borers


About Tree Borers

These are group of insects that lay its eggs in the bark of the tree trunk, the larvae eats on the wood and decays it from the inside. This rots not only the tree but also the entire landscape of the garden. It could be beetles, moths or clear twig, but they all bore into the trees damaging the whole structure.


  1. Replacing the tree

If the damage of the tree is quite extensive the only way to take care of the infestation is to remove the whole tree from its roots and replace it with new one. Replanting a new one and protecting it with preventive chemicals is the only way to control the damage.

  1. Mulching around the tree

Place mulch, supplemental water and fertilizers around the tree at times it helps in preventing the tree borers from causing harm to the tree. It will help in controlling the damage being caused by borers. Use proper organic compost and fertilizers that are nitrogen free. Clean up all the debris.

  1. Controlling borers with chemicals

Chemicals cannot save the trees that are infested and damaged, it can only be replaced.  Prevent infestation from trees or where infestation has started, use chemicals and residual insecticides which we can provide you here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Residual insecticides like carbaryl, chlorpyriphos, lindane, and permethrin can be applied. The trace of these chemicals stays on its roots for days prevents tree borers from infesting and decaying the tree.

CYPERMETHRIN: Tree borers are highly repellant to. Spray a lot over the tree and beetles will not be able to come closer to the tree. Use I ounce for prevention and 2 ounces for infestation of tree borers. We suggest Martins Viper Insecticide Concentrate.

CY KICK AEROSOL:  Spray into holes and saps of tree as much as possible. Try your best to fist empty the holes but usually the trees will have some remains of the tree borers. Spray as much as you can to eradicate the tree borers.

Adonis Systemic Solution: Pour into the tree as much as possible. Once the solution is absorbed by the roots it gets seeped in to the trunk of the whole tree. It will damage the borers and repel them away from damaging the tree or causing any decay.

BoraCare: Is a BORATE liquid concentrate usually applied on wood. Use it for beetle boring as foam or spray it on furniture and other wooden objects to prevent the boring.

Tim-Bor Insecticide: Use it to prevent infestation and apply on wood and branches. Air dries the wood as wood beetle borers like moisture. It will prevent

ETHYLENE DICHLORIDE AND PARADICHLOROBENZENE: Apply the fumigant on the tree to repel the tree borers away.

Jecta Injectable Borate: Wear eye protection and mask. Attach nozzle on the spray bottle and place it in the holes or burrows or other suspected areas. Spray with caution and as soon as you start to the borers coming out of the tree or furniture in your home, it means there is major infestation. Keep spraying; it will kill the larva, adult tree borers, lemon tree and other fruit tree borers as well. It prevents re-infestation from occurring. Once the tree borers have been terminated, paint and varnish the furniture and seal the holes in the tree. Keep follow-ups, if you observe saw dust you may need to reapply some more.

PYRETHRUM: Spray the chemical into the holes until the burrow is flooded with the insecticide. This chemical will also help in eliminating the borers immediately.  We suggest Stryker Pyrethrum Insecticide.

  1. Pruning the trees

Larvae of the lemon tree borers; called ‘Oemena Hirta’ bore burrows in to the citrus tree trunks and damages it. Usually the beetles of the lemon tree borers infest in spring summer and autumn. It is best to cut off the branches and nearby mulches, grass, and cut all the unwanted decayed leaves and branches as short and trim as possible. It will make it unappealing and more difficult for the tree borers to infest a trimmed tree.

While pruning cut off the infected branches, the crossed branches and cut the branches laterally 6 inches deep till you reach the disinfected portion of the branch. Dip cloth in alcohol and rub it all over the cuts and trunk it prevents re-infestation from occurring. Plant other flowers during winter to avoid attracting the borers like, Kowhai to keep the borers away.

  1. Sealing with pruning paste

Apply or fill the cuts and from the pruning with prune paste. Use old batch of paint tree antiseptics, petroleum and diatomaceous earth based products all can be used as prune paste. Sealing the saps and cuts heals the wounds or cuts of trees more quickly and prevents the tree borers from entering inside the trunk to damage the trunk.

  1. Playing the Guitar for the borers

Guitar strings are quite sharp and finely pointed. Pull a string don’t poke it in the holes to attack the larva or the tree borers. It will kill the nasty pests immediately. Other sharp strings can also be used. Keep a close observation for saw dust. If you see more of it, it’s time to pull out another guitar string.


Regardless of the king of tree borers infesting your tree, it is the nastiest infestation that not destroys the landscape of wide variety of trees but can also enter homes and damage wood at your place. So be very careful. Once you spot one don’t be afraid to dig out the soil pick out a knife and pluck and stab the pests. With the help of these tips and professional DIY pest control product recommendations, you won’t have a tree borer problem for long.

For more information and DIY advices contact us at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or live chat with a rep online who will be happy to assist you!  

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