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How to Get Rid of Fleas From Your Car

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A flea infestation in the car is as irritating as the flea infestation in our homes. Fleas enter your car usually the same way they enter your house, but you may suffer from their bite a lot more in cars than inside your home.

But how do these tiny jumping creatures get inside your car?

Sometimes, the flea infestation in the car is the result of riding your loving pet which is itself infested and passes on the same into your car carpets. So, if you too love to keep your pets with you, while you are traveling in your car, chances are your pet has actually led them inside the car.

However, there are still many other possibilities for flea infestation and that is too, without any prior warning. The commonly observed reasons include:

  • Parking your car in the space which is flea infested.

  • Your pet is infested with fleas and you like to keep them with you while riding.

  • Allowing fleas to get inside your car along with any a person who is infested.

  • Or they just got in randomly, who knows why and how!

No matter how these fleas get inside your car, the point is we don’t like them. They are highly irritating and suck blood! And most importantly, we need to get rid of them ASAP!

It becomes even more essential to  get rid of these fleas if you regularly travel in your car along with your kids. This is because the bite of fleas can be severe at times and most probably intolerable for your kids.

But before we suggest some smart ways to get rid of these fleas right away, let us first have a look at some basic traits of these critters to handle them properly.

About Fleas

Fleas are a simple parasite who feed on blood. They live on every warm-blooded living being but prefer humans and pets like dogs, cats, rats, and others. However, in some cases, you may also find them on pants, shoes or even blankets.

They have no tendency to fly, however; they do jump from one place to another. They can jump up to 8” vertically that makes around 150 times more than their own height.

Since you now know some underlying traits of these blood-sucking critters, how about getting rid of them from inside your car!

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the Car

Here are some proven ways to get rid of these creepy as well as dangerous creatures residing in your car. Let’s have a look!

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning or say vacuum cleaning the car regularly is important to keep fleas away from your car. However, the use of steamer or vacuum cleaner totally depends on the infestation severity. If the infestation is large, you cannot remove all of them using a steamer or vacuum cleaner. But if it is a small infestation, try using a steamer with temperatures in between 120 to 170 degrees. Also, make sure to steam or vacuum car regularly so that you don’t face the problem again.

Flea Sprays

Another effective and professional approach is to use the flea killing sprays. These sprays are specifically designed to get rid of fleas infestation and must be applied at the earliest to prevent the infestation from spreading. All you need to do in this method is to buy a good product and then spray it all over the car carpet and flooring. Do not forget to spray beneath the seats and floor mats to ensure a complete application. To get long-term results, keep the car locked for almost 2 hours after spraying the chemical.

Flea Powders

If you are allergic to sprays and aerosols, you can go with a flea powder. There is a variety of flea powders available in the market and are specially designed to get rid of fleas completely. Make sure to buy the one that is natural and effective. The powder usually works when the fleas eat or inhale the product. It causes the oil in their bodies to dry up – leaving them dead.

For proper application of flea powder, buy the powder that would kill fleas along with eggs and larva and spread it throughout the car carpeting. Wait for some time and then vacuum the residual. Continue applying flea powder from time to time to keep fleas off your car at all times.

Keep Your Pets Flea Free

The biggest source of flea infestation inside the car are the pets. Make sure your pets are free from flea infestation, so that the pest does not get transferred to your car from their bodies. Apart from washing your pets, one way to keep them flea-free is to use chewable or topical flea repellants that contain insecticides, such as permethrin, spinosad, fipronil, etc. Moreover, use flea-removing shampoo and comb, unless you feel the need of a vet to recommend some IGR – Insect Growth Regulators, foggers or sprays.

Make Solutions Pest & Lawn Be Your Answer For Flea Control

Solutions Pest & Lawn wants to make pest control easier for the DIYer. If you are dealing with an irritating menace like fleas in your car, we have the quality products to get rid of the flea infestation once and for all. Our suggestion to eliminate fleas residing in your car include an aerosol spray such as Novacide Flea and Tick Killer and also use an insecticide dust such as Flea Stoppers using a Handheld Pesticide Duster. This will surely target not only the adult fleas but also flea eggs, larvae and pupa. It’s best to eliminate the entire life cycle and not just the adults.

To make the flea control process easier and more convenient for you, we have our Solutions Guaranteed Flea Control Kit which contains all the products you need for a full indoor and outdoor flea control treatment.

The bottom line:

No matter how you choose to treat the flea infestation, make sure you follow the instructions given on the label, correctly. Moreover, in all cases, keep yourself and kids away from the infected site and wear proper gloves before spraying or using powder.

As fleas never hesitate to suck the blood out of the skin and may take up to 15 blood meals per day, without timely interventions, a few fleas can instantly become a maddening infestation that may become impossible to be defeated.

For more helpful DIY advice or help ordering products, reach out to us via phone at 800-479-6583, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or start up a live chat with one of our knowledgeable representative who will be happy to help.

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