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Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry dependable equipment manufactured from from Birchmeier ITB. Birchmeier ITB manufacturers some of the best pest control equipment out there today. From backpack sprayers to mist blowers and foggers, Birchmeier products are durable and reliable long after the purchase date. Solutions Pest & Lawn highly recommends using Birchmeier equipment when tackling lawn care or pest control misting issues. On this page you can shop exclusively all the Birchmeier products we carry in stock. 

About Birchmeier ITB

Innovation, the very highest quality standards, market proximity and our belief in Switzerland as a business location are the cornerstones of our company philosophy. As a leading manufacturer of sprayers, we develop and manufacture our products in our own factory in Stetten AG, Switzerland. Birchmeier suppliers, who are mainly based in Switzerland as well, play an important role in what they do. Birchmeier has been working successfully with many of them for decades. This allows ongoing process monitoring, a high level of flexibility as well as improvements in quality and our products in general. Our sales partners, major distributors, dealers and end customers also benefit from prompt deliveries and excellent customer services.

As a Swiss manufacturer, Birchmeier has an international sales organization with a distributor network that is growing all the time. Our range of products includes a wide variety of spraying, foaming, dispensing and spreading devices. There is also a matching range of accessories and other equipment for virtually all applications. Specifically designed to be durable and backed up by dependable customer services and the "Made in Switzerland" quality label, Birchmeier products meet even the most demanding requirements of private and professional users around the world.

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Browse our inventory of products we carry from Birchmeier below. We are available via email, phone, or online live chat if you have any questions or would like free pest control advice and recommendations.

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