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Keith McCoy Bio

About: I have been with solutions since I was 15 and it was Fords Chemical & Service. During this time we have adjusted our business many times and we have always had the ability to grow. During my 39 year involvement with the Pest Control Industry, I have worked in Sales and have spoke at many events educating the public and professionals about products, application techniques and equipment, including How To videos.

Family: I am a huge football and basketball fan on all levels. I love to fish and spend time with family. I have 3 sons and my wife and I am a past president of the Memorial Mavricks Booster Club. Whether it is family, friends or business, I want to create situations that help people succeed.

AchievementsTexas Certified Pest Control Applicator, Greater Houston Pest Control Association Board Member, Texas Ag Industry Member, Louisiana Department of Ag Member, Georgia Pest Control Association Member

Contact Info: Phone- (713) 955-0932    E-mail- kmccoy@solutionsstores.com

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