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The Ins And Outs Of Outdoor Flea Control

If you own a pet, fleas will frequently be your unwanted guests. Fleas reproduce largely and can take over your outdoors in no time. They start to populate themselves on your pet and from your pet to the areas your pet likes. The tiny, monstrous things are likely to make homes in areas that are shady, humid, and away from the sunlight.

Freeing your pet outdoors doesn’t promise complete removal of the flea squad since these vicious pests love our outdoors more. There is a great likelihood of fleas coming into your house clinging to your pet when it goes to play in the yard.

When thinking of countering infestation, two things are really important. First, you need to have pet care products to offset fleas from your pet and second, you need a fully fledged flea treatment for your house and the outskirts of it.

Solutions Stores has pet and indoor/outdoor pesticides. The store is offering products for every place fleas might have invaded, making itself the ultimate one-stop solution for your flea war.

‘Operation Flea-Free Outdoors’

Flea control is an intimidating task if you are not sure about where to start. Learn all about outdoor flea eradication here.

  1. Study Your Outdoors For Flea Infestation

Before you dig for gold, you check whether or not gold actually is dug up there. Likewise, you must visit your house’s outdoors to check the areas flea might have invaded.

You need to wear White or any other light colored socks and take a stroll. You should be more focused on areas your pet loves to sleep, play, take rest, or dig in, but should not forget to have a random check elsewhere in the yard too. You’ll effortlessly be able to spot fleas against the light-toned cotton of your socks.  

Do not miss out on any furniture that might be placed in the yard, other pet stuff, and the porch and fence.

  1. Plan The Process

After setting your indoors and outdoors pet(s) flea-free, using products like Novacide Flea and Tick Killer and Pector Flea Spray, respectively, decide on a product for the outdoors. You can use Bifen LP Granule for outdoor fumigation or can even go for dual purpose products such as Reclaim IT Insecticide which caters to both indoors and outdoors.  

For you to have a complete solution, Solutions Stores has come up with a Guaranteed Flea Control Kit containing products to battle with pet, indoor, and outdoor fleas.

You should plan on keeping your pets away from the area as this lowers the chance of a couple of parasites jumping onto them. This could fail the entire procedure and you might have to repeat the procedure soon without knowing where you went wrong the first time.

  1. Treat The Yard

Begin the process off by giving your yard a detailed cleanup. Shear the grass, collect the debris from your garden as well as the lawn (remember, fleas mostly exist in cluttered places like piles of wood or leaves), and most importantly, remove all the pet/children toys from the yard.  

Once you choose your desired product, start by focusing on the areas your pet likes more and then go to cover the rest of the areas. You may not even need to treat the entire yard because if your pet doesn’t frequent particular areas, fleas are least likely to exist there.

  1. Use Pesticides Rightly

When using pesticides and insecticides, ensure that you follow the directions on the product label. Pesticides are generally DIY things, but if you have a slight doubt, you can always have professionals at your service.

Cover yourself up during the process and do not let children or pets into the yard until it is dry or until it is indicated safe on the product label.

  1. Flood the Yard (Post-Process)

Generally, this step isn’t needed after the use of Solutions’ flea control products as they are 100% effective and have guaranteed results. But to avoid any unnoticed error wasting all your hard work, you are advised to flood your yard once you are done fighting with the fleas.

Flooding will contend with any eggs or offspring of the fleas that existed in your yard. You simply need to water the outdoors till it floods a little.

The Flea-Free Future

  • Keeping It Dry

Now that you know fleas love damp, shady areas, try keeping the outdoors dry. You can also work on making way for the sunlight to hover on most of the outdoor area by re-planning the plantation and changing position of furniture and other things placed in the yard.

  • Decorating Cedar chips

Once you are victorious against fleas, you will definitely not want them to invade easily again. For this purpose, use cedar chips in a decorative manner to avert the entry. This is only after you are done with the DIY process with Solutions’ magical products.

  • Giving A Good Cut

Life’s always better with a cut and your yard deserves to experience it too. Cutting and mowing is always nice for you to keep your garden and lawn look fresh, be healthy, and of course, flea free.

Flea infestations are a pain and a probable risk to the wellbeing of your family, pets, and the gardens/lawns you have put in so much hard work to plant. If the right steps are followed along with promising products like those from Solutions Stores, you will never think of flea control as a mystery again.


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