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Guaranteed Rat Control Kit

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The Solutions Rat Control Kit will provide you with the right set of tools to eradicate them for good. The products can be used indoors, outdoors, barn, garage, storage buildings and other locations where they are nesting or feeding.

Target Pests


For Use In

The Solutions Rat Control Kit can be used indoors and outdoors for commercial and residential buildings to control rodents agricultural buildings residential homes garages attics yards commercial food service facilities food manufacturing plants food processing establishments dumpsters sheds cabins deer leases restaurants bars offices and many other areas.


Eratication - Place Bait in locations out of reach of children, pets, and non-targeted animals. Two baits can be applied into one Aegis Rat Station with either the horizontal or vertical rods. The rods will hold the bait in place and prevent the rat from taking the bait out of the station. The Aegis is a secured station that can only be opened by a key. Eratication Bait can be placed 15 to 20 feet apart as rats will travel in search of food.

Big Snap-E - The Snap stations can be placed inside of the Aegis stations to make sure kids, pets and non-targeted animals don't accidentally injure them selfs. When placing the Snap-E in the Aegis stations you will want to use two verticle rods to secure the Snap-E down. The hole farthest to the left and right on the Aegis station will match to the holes in the Snap-E.

Catchamaster GRB - When applying the glue boards try leaving the wax paper on the trap for a couple of days to about a week to let the rodents get used to the boards. When rodents have gotten used to the boards (you can tell by chew marks, droppings, etc. nearby) then remove all of the wax paper from the boards, now when the rodents run across the boards they will get stuck and never see it coming. Place the boards against walls, baseboards, or in corners

Rat Sorb - Easy to use apply a small amount of Rat Sorb to a cotton ball and placing them near the source of the odor. This will quickly eliminate the odor caused by dead animals, urine, feces, and other foul odors. 

Coverage Area

Eratication - Each 4lb pail will cover 250 - 500 linear feet depending on infestation and rodent type.

Mix Rate

Eratication - Ready to apply

Rat Sorb - Ready to use

Active Ingredient

Eratication - Diphacinone .005%

Guaranteed Rat Control Kit

Product Name Price Qty
Eratication Rodenticide 4# Pail- Diphacinone Rat Bait with Peanut Butter Flavoring
Solutions Rodent Bait Station- Black Lid
Kness Big Snap-E Rat Trap
Catchmaster 24GRB Giant Rat Glueboard- Peanut Butter Scent
Rat Sorb Odor Eliminator 1oz

Rat Control Kit

Rats are rodents that can raise a lot of worry when they intrude upon a home, but we have your rat control solutions.  They are big and ugly and move quickly enough to startle and frighten us. Worst of all are the health hazard they bring with them because of their tendency to contaminate food and water with their feces and urine and gnaw the wooden elements of a home as well as electrical wires. Rats also are prolific breeders and multiply in alarming number in very little time.


If you have even a single rat hanging around your premises, you must take action immediately before the situation gets worse. Don’t give the rats any time to multiply and make it more difficult to eliminate them.


Solutions Pest & Lawn has the right products necessary to start the rat control process and can conveniently give you all that you need for successful rat control with our professional DIY rat control kit.


Advantages of Ordering a Rat Control Kit From Solutions


Rat control kits are an excellent option for many people who are dealing with the issue of a rat intruding upon a home or place of business. Hiring a rodent exterminator can be quite expensive and if you don’t have the budget for it, usually the only thing to turn to is cheap rodent control products found at local big box stores which usually do not work.


Solutions Pest & Lawn is here to tell you that our rat control kit can be an option that is both affordable and effective.


Our Solutions Pest & Lawn certified rodent control experts have combined an assortment of proven and effective rat control methods into a reasonably priced and easy to use kit. Our kit contains everything you’ll need to take control of a rat infestation in no time.


They include the best-selling varieties of rodent bait in addition to bait stations which will prevent pets and young children from being able to get into the bait for their safety.


Purchasing a rat control kit from Solutions Pest & Lawn is the convenient and stress-free way of shopping for ways to eliminate your rat problem.


Instead of wasting valuable time having to research and purchase the products separately by yourself, we’ve gone ahead and included all that you’ll need in one easy to order kit.


Our Rat Control Kit Comes With a 100% Guarantee

The products you find in our rat control kit are products you won’t easily find in the pest control aisle at a grocery store or department store. This is because we carry professional-grade products which exterminators use when conducting home and business treatments.


You will be saving hundreds of dollars on labor costs alone by going the DIY route and applying these products yourself.


We are so confident that the kits you buy from us will get rid of your rat problem that we place a 100% Guarantee on it.


If for any reason after buying our kits and applying them according to our simple directions the products fail to eliminate your rat problem or you are not satisfied with the results we will make things right with you by sending you alternative products or giving you your money back.


Contents of our DIY Rat Control Kit


Our Rat control kit is one of the most complete kits you’ll find online and contains all the prime methods which are proven successfully in removing rats from your home. You can rest assured that you are getting the best deal on the market when you buy our rat control kits especially when you factor in the value of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our Rat Control Kit includes:


Our Aegis Bait Stations is a durable and easy to use bait station that makes it convenient to put out bait for rats to grab and consume while keeping pets and children safe from coming into contact with the bait if it were placed out in the open. Aegis bait stations are great to place either inside and outside of homes, warehouses and other structures. Aegis RP stations are an integral part of any baiting program and are the best bait station available.


The Big Snap E Rat Trap is made of sturdy, durable plastic used for the control of rodents indoors and outdoors. Easy to setup and safer to use than traditional snap traps, the Snap E is a powerful yet sensitive rat trap that produces a high trap rate due to its speed and responsiveness that ensure a successful and deadly capture.


Eratication is a Solutions-exclusive Rat & Mouse bait which contains diphacinone, an effective but slow killing poison. This bait is peanut butter flavored for greater rodent acceptance. The bait matrix is a combination of food grade scents and seeds contained in a way block formulation that is easy to handle and apply.


Catchmaster Glueboards are our larger glueboard made to capture rats. They measures 10.5" x 18.5" and is the largest glue board available. Added to the high powered Catchmaster adhesive is a tantalizing peanut butter scent that spells disaster for rodents as well as many reptiles.


This combo of professional grade rat control products found in our rodent kit guarantees total control of rats in your home or business establishment. It is important to note that the products contained in our rat control kit should be applied in conjunction with our usage guide below for best results.

4 Step Rat Control Guide Using our Rat Control Kit

The process of getting rid of and controlling rats involves sanitation, rat exclusion, and then lastly eliminating the existing rat population. The last step is usually the most difficult for DIY homeowners to do if they do not have the right products.


In order to be successful in getting rid of a rat problem, either big or small, is to have a multi-layered approach in treating the problem as opposed to using one singular method or product. This is why our rat control kit contains baits along with traps for a complete control program which covers all bases.

Step 1: Inspection

To start with addressing your rat problem, you first need to do a thorough inspection of your home to see where the rats are hiding out and frequenting. This will also help you in deciding which areas would be best to set bait and traps. A few things to watch out for include: rat droppings, listen for squeaks and noises (particularly at night when rats are the most active), gnawing marks, burrows, runways, urine stains and foul odors.


Step 2: Sanitize and Clean Up All Food Sources

This step is perhaps the most important step to focus in on as the effectiveness of the bait products and traps you buy and use depend on a thorough and complete sanitation of your home.


Rats will move in your home in the first place because they have access to food and water sources that they can use for nourishment as well as shelter to stay warm. If this nourishment is taken away from them, they have little options and will be desperate and that’s when the power is in your hands.


Sanitize your home by removing any food and water sources out in the open for them to enjoy. Reduce clutter as much as possible, vacuum, sweep-up and mop up food crumbs and grease and oils around the kitchen.  Make sure to clean up the outside, pet bowls, bird food, garbage cans.  Block up the entrance points, remember only takes a hole the size of your thumb.

Step 3: Baiting and Trapping

Once a detailed sanitation and cleanup has been conducted, you can then place the bait in the rat bait stations. This will ensure that the bait is not wasted or no accidental poisoning occurs.  Watch our video to see exact placements of the Aegis Bait Stations.  Place the rat bait stations in areas that will give them overage or protection, if you have seen any activity or dark rubbing areas, then those are ideal.  Allow the stations to stay in place for a bit of time, the rats will need to get used to the structure in their runs.  Rats will be eager to take any bait you leave out if you did a good job with sanitation as they would have little other options for food. Either they starve or take the bait.


Start laying out blocks of Eratication which should be placed inside an Aegis bait station. We also suggest laying out a lethal trap like the Snap-E Rat Snap Traps as well as the Catchmaster Rat Glueboards near the baseboards if indoors or outdoors in areas where you have seen rats rub marks, feces or nesting evidence.


Trapping is a better method to use indoors while baits are better to use outdoors because with trapping you can get rid of the foul smelling carcass with more ease.


Step 4: Preventative Measures


At this point, your rat problem should be gone from your home. Don’t celebrate just yet as you need to carry out exclusion measures to discourage rats from seeking out your home again. Maintain a clean and sanitary home, take out trash regularly, seal gaps and holes in your home which would be used as a point of entry with caulking. We also suggest using copper mesh (such as Stuff-It) to place around plumbing pipes and wires to discourage rat activity.


We would advise that the stations remain filled with rodent bait, even after the initial baiting, trapping  has  occurred.


 Want more information please take a look at our Knowledge Base Section.

By following these simple steps with the help of our rat control kit, rats will no longer be a plague on your home or business. Order our rat control kit today. We are available via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or via phone at 1800-479-6583 should you have any questions or concerns you would like to bring up to us.

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Can I use this same rat kit for mice?
Florence S on Oct 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: You could but we do have a mouse control kit that may be better suited for your issue. Check it out at the link:


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