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Guaranteed Pantry Pest Control Kit

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Having insects in the yard is one thing but having them take over your kitchen is another. The Solutions Pantry Pest Control Kit will take care of any pest that crosses in to your kitchen from Meal moths to Rice Weevils. The kit is safe to apply into your kitchen as directed on the label of the products.

Target Pests

The kit will control pantry pest such as Indian Meal Moths Grain Moths Cigarette Beetles Flour Beetles Drugstore Beetles Granary Weevils Rice Weevils Saw- Toothed Grain Beetles.

For Use In

Anywhere the insects are present including Apartment buildings bakeries grocery stores day care centers hospitals residential homes hotels/motels office buildings nursing homes restaurants schools locker rooms stores taverns warehouses basement pantry kitchen or other food storage areas.


Novacide - Apply for a long residual to the pantry and other areas where food is stored and the pest have been sited. Shake Novacide well before use and spray a light mist onto the surface. 

Gentrol IGR - Apply as a surface spray, crack, and crevice or spot treatment to pantry and cupboards shelves or other areas where food is stored. Before spraying makes sure to remove all food, utilized, cups, plates, and other food preparation items. Wait for the product to fully dry before placing items back to their locations.

Pyrid Aerosol - Apply as a crack and crevice, direct spray, or space spray treatment into corners of the pantry, cabinets, and other places where insects harbor. Apply around cartons, containers and other areas where insects tend to congregate.

Pro Pest Pantry Pest Traps - The traps can be placed on top of shelves or cabinets or hung from the ceiling close to activity.  Remove the protective paper from the traps and fold as indicated on the scores of the trap. The traps will contain the pheromones to attract the insects. 

Mix Rate

Novacide -Ready to use 

Gentrol IGR - Ready to use

Pyrid Aerosol - Ready to use

Pro Pest Pantry Moth Traps - Ready to use

Active Ingredient

Novacide - Pyriproxyfen 0.1% (Nylar), Pyrethrins 0.05%, MGK264 0.4%, Permethrin 0.4%

Gentrol IGR - Hydroprene 0.36%.

Pyrid Aerosol - Pyrethrin .50%, 4% PBO (Piperonyl Butoxide)

Guaranteed Pantry Pest Control Kit

Product Name Price Qty
Novacide Insecticide 20oz- Kills Fleas Ticks and Roaches Guaranteed
Gentrol Aerosol IGR 16oz- Hydroprene Insect Growth Regulator
Pyrid Insecticide 20oz- Compare to PI, CB-80, PT 565
Pro-Pest Pantry Moth Traps

Pantry Pest Kit


It can be a horrifying and gross experience to look into your pantry and open a bag of flour or other stored food item only to see that it is crawling with bugs.A food item which you thought was sealed and safe is now infested. This is often the work of pantry pests which can unknowingly be brought into your home via the grocery store or they appear when a food item is not properly contained.


If your pantry is suffering from a pantry pest infestation, it’s vital for you to take action and eliminate the issue. With the help of Solutions Pest & Lawn’s Pantry Pest Kit, you can conveniently and easily take back your pantry from these nasty bugs.


There are a variety of different bugs which can invade food items that have been stored away in your pantry. Some of the more common bugs include The Confused Flour Beetle, Indian Meal Moths, Red Flour Beetle, Cigarette Beetle, Drugstore Beetle, Grain Weevils, among others. These bugs are not picky eaters and can be found in many different foods including and not limited to cereals, cookies, flour, nuts, dried legumes, pasta, spices, and even fabric. Finding these bugs in your food means the entire bag or box is contaminated and shouldn’t be consumed.


Advantages of Ordering a Pantry Pest Control Kit From Solutions


Our Pantry pest control kits are a fantastic option for people dealing with pantry bugs who have infested their food storage areas. It is actually quite simple to eliminate a pantry pest problem when you have the right products at your disposal so there’s no need to waste large amounts of money by hiring an exterminator. We have professional grade products you won’t find at your local department or grocery store and they are proven to work. Purchasing our pantry pest control kit is light on your budget and effective in eliminating the problem.


Solutions Pest & Lawn has certified pantry pest experts and entomologists who have carefully put together this combination of proven and effective pantry pest control products into a conveniently priced and simple to use kit. Our pantry pest control kit contains everything you’ll need to get rid of a pantry pest invasion in no time flat.


Rather than wasting your time scouring the internet or local stores for the right pantry pest control products, save yourself the hassle by purchasing a kit with professional recommended pantry pest control products.


Our Pantry Pest Control Kit is 100% Guaranteed


As was already stated, the products that are a part of our pantry pest control kit are products you won’t easily find in the pest control aisle at a grocery store or department store. These products are exclusively sold at specialty DIY pest control stores and online and are the same high-quality products which professional exterminators when hired to conduct inspections and treatments. You will be saving hundreds of dollars on labor costs alone by going the DIY route and applying these products yourself.


We are so confident that the kits you buy from us will get rid of your pantry pest invasion that we place a 100% Guarantee on it. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results of our pantry pest control kit after having applied the products according to our specific step-by-step directions we will make things right with you by sending you alternative products or refunding you your money. This is an offer that you won’t find anywhere else and makes purchasing our kits absolutely risk-free.


Contents of our DIY Pantry Pest Control Kit


Our pantry pest control kit is the most comprehensive control kit you’ll find anywhere and contains all the high-quality methods which are proven to be successful in removing a variety of pantry pests from your home pantry or the food storage area of your business establishment. You can be certain that buying this kit is the best deal on the market especially when you factor in the value of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Our Pantry Pests Control Kit includes:


Novacide is a fantastic residual insecticide spray which is great for spraying in pantries and food storage areas.Novacide combines 4 different chemicals into one, easy to use, aerosol can.


Gentrol IGR is an Insect Growth Regulator which essentially acts as a sort of birth control for pantry pests eggs, making sure that the eggs never hatch out the next generation of pests. This product comes in an easy to use spray form and can provide up to 7 months of control.


Pyrid aerosol is a Solutions exclusive manufactured product. Pyrid delivers a powerful contact kill and leaves a residual that will keep on killing long after the initial spraying. While it can kill pantry pests, it can also kill bed bugs, roaches and a wide number of other common household pests.


Pro-Pest Pantry Moth Traps are our go to trapping product for pantry pests. Pre-baited with pheromones to attract a wide range of pantry pests that commonly infest households.


This combination of professional DIY control products found in our pantry pest control kit is certain to provide total and complete control of pantry pests in your home or business establishment GUARANTEED. It is important to note that the products contained in our pantry pest control kit should be applied according to the step-by-step instructions we provide below for guaranteed success.


4 Step Pantry Pest Control Kit Usage Guide


Successful control of pantry pests in your food storage areas doesn’t just require high-quality products. While important, a large part of getting rid of pantry pests is a thorough clean-up and sanitation process where all pantry foods are discarded. 


Also, it is impractical to believe that any one product on its own will provide total control of a pantry pest invasion. Solutions Pest & Lawn suggests a multiple method approaches to treating for pantry pests for the best possible results. This includes a combination of sprays, IGRs, and traps which we provide in our pantry pest control kits.


Step One: Remove Contaminated Foods


Identify the source of the infestation and remove the product from your pantry or storage area. It may be best to remove every product you have in your pantry, opened or unopened and get rid of it to be on the safe side. They can be placed in the freezer to prevent infestation and kill any active pantry pests.


We also recommend that from this point forward all already opened food containers you have to be stored in airtight containers. By doing this step you can prevent further infestation.


Completing this step properly is half the battle.


Step Two: Thorough Sanitation


Once you have decluttered your pantry and removed unwanted foods and foods you feel are infested, it's time to do a thorough cleaning job of your pantry.


Empty the shelves Vacuum and clean the shelves and surfaces of the pantry. If necessary, use caulking on the cracks and crevices of the shelves and apply fresh paint.


We recommend immediately changing the bag in the vacuum and cleaning your vacuum thoroughly before using again.


Also, wash the inside of the pantry or cabinet with soap and water, then with a weak bleach solution. If your shelving is adjustable, clean out the little peg holes with a toothpick.These areas are notorious for collecting moth eggs and webs.


Step Three: Apply Sprays and IGR


At this point, your pantry is emptied out and has been cleaned up of any food and debris.


Now it is safe to apply chemicals. Grab the Novacide Flea & Tick Killer and spray the shelving and any corners and baseboards.


Pyrid Aerosol spray should be applied to any cracks and crevices. Then finally take the Gentrol IGR and spray this as well to prevent further pantry pests.


Step Four: Apply Pantry Traps


Once spraying has been done you can then lay out Pro-Pest Pantry Moth traps. These work especially great to capture the beetles and moths that weren’t killed by the insecticide sprayings.


The insect sex pheromones powerfully attract the moth or beetle pests, luring them to the trap where they get stuck on the glue strip and are not able to escape.


Step Five: Check Progress and Follow Up (As Necessary)


Give the product some time to work. Depending on the size of infestation it may take either a few weeks or up to six months to eliminate all the moths and larvae that are present.


Regularly clean the pantry of any spills and clutter. Dispose of old unwanted food and seal all cracks and crevices with caulk and paint in your pantry to ensure no areas of harborage are available and make cleaning up a breeze.


When stocking your pantry, make sure you don’t overstock with food and just buy enough food for the short-term so there isn't so much clutter.


By following the above steps using the pantry pest control kit, you will no longer have an issue with pantry pests contaminating your pantry foods.


Order our pantry pest control kit today and get rid of those annoying bugs for good. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to us by phone at 1800-479-6583 or via email askapro@solutionsstores.com

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