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Guaranteed Flea Control Kit

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To get full control of fleas you will need to treat not only the inside of the home but also the exterior and the animal. Fleas can be easily be transported from the exterior of the home to the inside by the pet or even us. Multiple treatments are always recommended when treating with fleas. They can reproduce quickly and spread through the home in a matter of a few days. The Kit will have enough product to treat the home multiple times to make sure we get the fleas eliminated.

Target Pests


For Use In

The treatment will cover the inside of the home outside and the pet.


Rerclaim IT - For the exterior treatment apply as a broadcast.

Bifen LP - Applied at a rate of 25lbs per 1/4 acre for most insects and can be applied with a granule spreader once applied water in.

Novacide - Shake can well before using hold the can knee high facing down towards the floor. Spray a light mist across all floor surface do not miss any areas. Keep all kids and pets out of the area until it has fully dried and the fumes have dissipated. 

Coverage Area

Reclaim - A 16 oz will cover 16,000 sq. ft. if used at the 1 oz rate.

Bifen LP - One bag can treat 1/4 acre.

Novacide - One can treat 2,000 sq. ft.

Mix Rate

Reclaim IT - Mix 1 oz of product for every 1,000 sq. ft.

Bifen LP - Ready to apply.

Novacide - Ready to use.

Active Ingredient

Reclaim IT - Bifenthrin 7.9%

Bifen LP - Bifenthrin 0.2%

Novacide - Pyriproxyfen 0.1% (Nylar), Pyrethrins 0.05%, MGK264 0.4%, Permethrin 0.4%

Guaranteed Flea Control Kit

Product Name Price Qty
Reclaim IT Insecticide 16oz- 100% Guaranteed
Bifen LP 25# Bag- Compare to Talstar PL
Novacide Insecticide 20oz- Kills Fleas Ticks and Roaches Guaranteed

Solutions Flea Control Kit


Flea’s in the yard and home can cause extreme stress for homeowners and pets. But have no fear we are here to help you get control and when you purchase our kits and follow our recommendation we GUARANTEE you will be flea free!


We recommend the products listed below in our kits because we know when they are applied properly they work. No, If Ands or But’s! That is why we guarantee 100% satisfaction with these item's or we will make it right.


Our Kit Includes :


Novacide Flea Control Spray will cover 2,400 square feet per can, and with the inclusion of a second can in this kit, you will be able to treat your home a second time.


The Novacide spray includes an adulticide and Insect Growth Regulator that will kill the adults and prevent any additional fleas from multiplying. Follow label application rates which can be found in the can.


Bifen IT Granules contain the active ingredient Bifenthrin in bedded on sand grains, which helps to allow for easy thorough coverage and application. Bifen granules will leave a layer of protective Bifenthrin on the soil to help control and eliminate, fleas, and other insects for about 60 days.


Reclaim I/T is our signature product that we manufacture in-house and contains one of the most effective active ingredients on the market. And that is why we Guarantee this product 100%!


Reclaim can be applied with a hose end sprayer or backpack sprayer. The rate of application is 1 ounce per gallon and works not only on fleas, but it can also be sprayed onto foliage to control ticks, mosquitoes, spiders and a large list of other pests.


Flea Control Kit Usage Guide

Recommendations for success:


We at Solutions Pest and Lawn Recommend that you follow this preliminary steps so that all your flea control methods work quickly and efficiently.


Vacuum the inside before treatment, vibration will help eggs hatch and some will be sucked up in the cleaner and can be disposed of.


Pick up as much as you can off the floor, such as shoes, baskets, etc. This way you spray the Novacide to get thorough coverage.


Remove pet bedding and have it washed and dried.


Pay special attention to areas that the pets lay around, under beds, sofa, etc.


Treat your pets and yard all at the same time.


Step 1: Apply Reclaim IT as a broadcast treatment in the yard, concentrate on the shaded areas, since fleas cannot survive in the full sun. Also, pay close attention the areas where your pets are congregating and laying.


Apply the Reclaim IT at a rate of 2 ounces per 2 gallons of water to cover 1,000 square feet of area, really get deep coverage of the soil, you are not just wetting the grass. Use a hose end sprayer for this application.


Step 2: Apply Novacide for the inside of the home or office. You will want to start in the back of the home and apply in a sweeping motion, covering all floor surfaces, allow to completely dry before you re-enter the home. This takes a couple of hours.


Step 3: Apply Bifen Granules to your lawn to keep fleas and ticks under control for the season. Bifen Granules are applied at a rate of 25 lbs per .25 acres. Smaller applications would be 2.5 lbs per 1,000 square feet. You will then lightly cover the granules with water to activate the Bifenthrin


Recommendations after Treatment


Try and keep the lawn mowed and weeds under control, reduce harborage areas, that will allow rodents and other animals to live unnoticed in your yard. They can carry and spread fleas.


A second application of Step 1 may be necessary you will want to reinspect the areas in 10 to 14 days for fleas.


By following this simple usage guide for our flea control kit, your flea problem will no longer be an issue. Order our flea control kit today and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us either via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or via phone at 1800-479-6583.

Product Q & A

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What product do you recommend for fleas , I recently purchased some Bifen granules , reclaim and Novacide from you all. I understand it takes at least 2 weeks to break the flea cycle. Do you recommend anything else ? I recall seeing something called Douggard , does that sound familiar?
norfleet W on Aug 9, 2018
BEST ANSWER: If you have pets using Petcor Flea Spray will help to kill the fleas on them and another suggested product is Flea Stoppers which you can sprinkle into your carpet.



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