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Pest Control Wholesale Account for Self-Storage Facilities

As the owner of a self-storage facility, your establishment is entrusted by customers to keep their prized belongings safe and sound from the elements and from intruders. This should include intruders like pests and rodents which can find there way into cracks and crevices and into storage spaces. While this may not always be your fault--often times customers which use the self-storage facility always have some of their belongings which have infestations--it is not a good look for your business’ bottom line if you begin to receive bad reviews from upset customers complaining that your facility has a pest problem.

Many self-storage facilities invest in ways to protect their facilities and storage units from threats such as fire, flooding, theft and vandalism so the threat of pests shouldn’t be overlooked. You may hesitant to add an extra expense since you may feel investing in pest control equipment or even hiring a pest exterminator is too costly or laborious. While exterminators can certainly be expensive, investing in high-quality wholesale pest control equipment and chemicals could be a worthy investment--certainly less costly than having to deal to damages to property (and to your company’s reputation) from pest infestation.

At Solutions Pest and Lawn, you can open up a commercial account with us where you can receive wholesale level prices on the industry’s best wholesale pest control products. We have everything from insecticides, rodenticides, baits, traps and everything in between. Our wholesale pest control products are the same products the pros use and they can be easy to apply by referring to our various how-to resources either via our website or by contacting our customer service experts.

Most Common Self-Storage Facility Pests:

Rodents: Perhaps the leading concern in self-storage units are rats and mice. This is because rodents can fit through the tiniest of openings, love to hide in storage spaces and reproduce at an alarming rate. In fact, a female house mouse―one of the most common rodent invaders―can give birth to up to a dozen babies every three weeks. Once entering into a unit, rodents can cause serious damage in a short amount of time. Rats and mice will eat and gnaw at just about anything including cardboard, furniture, bedding, wiring and even decaying material. They also leave droppings which can ruin prized items and create a health concern.

Roaches: Cockroaches are another pest which love the self-storage setting and can reproduce quickly. Cockroaches can fit through small cracks and crevices and can survive without food for nearly a month. Cockroaches are notorious for contaminating whatever they touch. They leave tons of droppings which can ruin stored away possessions and can leave bacteria and pathogens which can be a health hazard.

Spiders: Spiders love cracks and crevices as well as cardboard boxes, so storage units can be a hotspot of spider activity. Depending on the type of spider residing in a unit, they can be anywhere from just a nuisance to a legitimate danger if they are poisonous like the brown recluse or black widow.

If you’re the owner of a self-storage facility, you cannot afford not to take the proper precautions to protect your facility and your customer’s belongings with a proactive pest control treatment routine. We here at Solutions Pest and Lawn can tell you with confidence that it can be done without being too much work and without hurting your budget at all. By signing up for a business account with Solutions, not only will you get great wholesale pest control products at amazing prices, you will also be the recipient of the following exclusive perks.

Dedicated Customer Service Reps

By signing up as a wholesale customer, you will be assigned one of our experience customer service experts to oversee your account and make sure that your needs are totally satisfied. Whether you need to make an order, a quote or some expert advice, they will help you with whatever you need.

Priority Shipping

Our commercial account holders will get priority shipping on every order. Most orders are packed and shipped within hours rather than days so you can receive the items quickly for your convenience.

Convenient Reordering

If you purchase the same wholesale pest control products on a frequent basis, you can conveniently reorder your items rather than constantly having to go through the cumbersome task of refilling your shopping cart. Our quick reorder page for wholesale customers allows you to easily reorder your most-often purchased products with just a few clicks. Or, you can quickly reorder a past order.

First Dibs on Special Deals and Offers

Anytime we have an exclusive sale or a special deal, our wholesale customers will be the first to know about it and take advantage. You'll also be able to take advantage of special manufacturer rebates.

Register now with us and let us help you get the best deals in wholesale pest control supplies. We can be contacted via phone, email or online live chat.

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