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RoundUp ProductEliminate Weeds Using RoundUp Products

If you have troublesome weeds on your lawn and pulling them or digging them out isn’t doing the trick, the glyphosate-based formula popularly known as RoundUp can give you the help you need to eliminate those weeds quickly and effectively. Solutions Pest and Lawn carries the best Round Up products by Monsanto on the market, which is specifically designed to lay waste to any invasive weed on your property.

Using Roundup Glyphosate weed killing products the right way will ensure that they work as effectively and safely as possible. For starters, your best resource is right on the bottle. So before using any product, make sure to read the instructions on the label. Aside from that, you can come here to our website as we have plenty of instructional resources on how to utilize Roundup for your lawn so your treatment procedure goes smoothly.

How to use Roundup Effectively: Solutions Three Steps

Step 1:  When applying Roundup, timing is important. We recommend waiting for a calm, rain-free day. This decreases the chance of rain washing away the product, or wind drifting it onto plants you love. Just remember to steer clear until the treated weeds are dry, so you don’t track the product onto plants you want to keep.  


Step 2: Only kill what you want gone. Remember that Roundup contains the active ingredient glyphosate which is a non-selective weed killer. Make sure the plants you will be spraying are the ones you don’t want. Be careful not to accidently spray your desirable plant. Roundup® products are extremely effective and will stop most actively growing plants dead in their tracks.  It will only kill what in comes in contact with through the leaves, so you can spray safely around trees.


Step 3: Spray the right spots. When using most Roundup products you have to be sure to aim for the leaves of the plants rather than the soil. This lets the product work its way down to the roots of the plant and stop it at the source. If you’re using a product that prevents new weeds from growing, spray the entire area. Glyphosate won’t move through the soil to plants you want to keep.  Give it time to work, takes 10 to 14 days to start seeing the effects.


Check out all of our RoundUp products and see which one is right for your yard. As always, if you feel stuck you can always call our customer service line or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com and one of our experts will promptly assist you in identifying your problem, finding the right product you need and guiding you through the DIY process. You’ll never need to call a professional lawn care service again!

Learn More About Round Up: The Ultimate Weed Killerolder man spraying weeds

There’s a reason that when people are talking about weed control, RoundUp almost always comes into the conversation. That same reason is why RoundUp is the best selling herbicide not only in the US, but all over the world: because it works. And it works well!


Pesky invasive weeds are the terrible eyesore for homeowners and land managers alike, nullifying all the hare work they put into caring for their lawn. What is perhaps the most frustrating thing about certain weeds is that you can try and try to get rid of them through manual means, but they make an irritating return before long.


So what is a person to do when pulling the weeds, mowing the weeds or digging out the weeds isn’t enough to keep weeds off of your property?


Some may swear off herbicide chemicals, wanting to go the organic way. While that sounds admirable, mowing and watering your lawn alone is just not going to cut it. If it did, no one would have a weed problem.


At this point, the lawn care novice may go to their local garden center and buy a generic product that says “weed killer” on it. This will end up being another costly mistake and a waste of money.


If you’ve done your homework when it comes to weed control than you know that to kill weeds, you can’t skimp by purchasing the cheap stuff. You will know that you need to go with a name brand, and when it comes to properly getting rid of persistent weeds, RoundUp is the absolute best product for the job.

Why RoundUp Is The Best Method Of Controlling Weeds


The most efficient way to get rid of weeds from your lawn is via chemical treatment. By using a weed killer like RoundUp for grass, brush and shrubs you will be spared the grunt work required for manual weed removal like digging up weeds, pulling them out and breaking out a weed whacker.


If you are looking at targeting broadleaf weeds, you can’t beat RoundUp, one of the most highly recommended herbicides on the market today. The active ingredient featured in RoundUp is glyphosate which is extremely potent in killing a wide selection of weeds.


What is Glyphosate and How Does it Work?glyphosate

As mentioned above, Roundup contains the active ingredient of glyphosate, a systemic chemical which travels throughout the weed starting from the foliage down to the roots once the plant absorbs it.


LEARN MORE: The History Of RoundUp


Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide, meaning that it kill any plant that it comes into contact with without discrimination, so it is crucial to spray carefully and exercise caution with application, especially when the weeds you want gone are among your non-target plants.


Glyphosate works by disrupting the production of an essential enzyme necessary for the plant to produce certain amino acids. Once a part of the environment, glyphosate binds very tightly to soil where bacteria resides and begins to eat away at it within a span of  about six months. Herbicides containing glyphosate are generally used to control weeds and grasses but in higher concentrations will control brush and volunteer sprouts from stumps.


Solutions Pest & Lawn carries a varied selection off Roundup products such as Round Up Pro Weed Killer and RoundUp QuikPro Herbicide which provide excellent weed control and are guaranteed to target any of those irritating plants to make sure they stay dead and don’t return. Our lawn care experts have tried out and tested out these products so they are proven to get the job done in rapid fashion.


As great as RoundUp is we would like to note that simply buying this high-quality product and spraying it around may not necessarily eliminate the weeds that are giving you problems. There is a method of approach to go about attacking weeds and timing is also an important factor to consider prior to weed control application.


Let Our DIY Lawn Care Experts Can Provide You With The Recipe for Success


Aside from providing the professional grade products that the pros use to treat weeds, Solutions Pest & Lawn also provides you with helpful step-by-step instructions, how to guides, educational resources from our knowledge base and video tutorials which show you how to use our RoundUp products in the best way so you get it right the first time.


We also can give you a bit of an education regarding the common weeds you may be dealing with because knowing your enemies tendencies will help you to best attack them effectively. There are three simple steps to follow when tackling weed control the DIY way; identification, herbicide product selection and weed elimination.


By examine your lawn and recognizing the weeds you are dealing with by name, you can then properly research the weed and it’s life cycles and favorable conditions, strengths and weaknesses so then you can go about eradicating it. Being armed with such information can help you immensely in tacking problematic weeds and carrying out the best preventative measures so they don’t make another return.


glyphosateThings To Consider Before Using RoundUp Products

As with any form of weed killing pesticide, reading and following the label instructions carefully is very important before preparing for application.


When using RoundUp in higher concentrations, which in the case of our products, the RoundUp we carry contains 50.2% glyphosate, extra caution should be taken. We recommend doing a very controlled spot treatment of any RoundUp product you choose.


Remember that Roundup is a non-selective herbicide and will kill or injure any plant it falls on. We recommend to not spray on windy days as it can result in herbicide damage to plants you don’t wish to target.


Overspraying can also result in death to nearby plants. Also always mix and spray Roundup with an aluminum, plastic or stainless steel sprayer -- it can be corrosive to sprayers of other materials.


Check out all of our RoundUp products and see which one is right for your yard. As always, if you feel stuck you can always call our customer service line or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com and one of our experts will promptly assist you in identifying your problem, finding the right product you need and guiding you through the DIY process. You’ll never need to call a professional lawn care service again!

RoundUp vs. Generic Glyphosate Products


When it comes to effective weed control, one of the world’s best and most widely used chemical active ingredients to get the job done is glyphosate. Glyphosate is a non-selective chemical herbicide which for years now is has been a go-to tool for a landscaper or farmer looking to eliminate invasive weeds that are interfering with landscaping and with agriculture.


The term “Non-selective” means that the chemical has the capacity to kill whatever plant it touches be it weeds, grass, flowers or just about any vegetation that is sprayed with it.


Wondering If RoundUp Is Safe To Use? Check Out This Document From Monsanto on The Benefits and Safety of Glyphosate.


Glyphosate is used to kill weeds in and around fences, trees, driveways, flower beds, walkways, shrubs, weedy lawns to prepare for renovations and garden preparations. When using the chemical one must be careful not to spray your valuable and desirable plants, since again glyphosate is a  “kill all” chemical.


Glyphosate was first developed by the company Monsanto under their trademarked name for the chemical, Roundup. However since the patent held by Monsanto expired in 2003, various companies have produced generic brands of RoundUp.


If you go to your local department store and check out the garden center, you may have seen a number of different brands right by the RoundUp brands. These companies and the folks that buy them claim the generic brand is just as good as Roundup and cheaper. But is that really true?


Tests have been conducted by various institutions and while some have reported only minor differences between generic brands of glyphosate and Monsanto’s RoundUp, other tests have shown that this is not the case.


Learn More About Monsanto On Our Manufacturer Page


Consider the Facts

Monsanto Roundup (depending on the different variants and formulations) is usually formulated with a number of adjuvants, surfactant, drift control and other additives to make it more effective versus generic glyphosate which is usually just straight-up active ingredient and water base.


While the common everyday weeds may be killed with both the name brand RoundUp and a generic Glyphosate product, this does not take into account more resistant weeds that are stubborn growers and invasive to the land.


In that case, having all the additions of surfactants and other additives comes in handy against just plain old glyphosate and water mixture.


In that case, if you’re dealing with a more difficult species of weed on your farm or yard and you’re using the generic brand and end up disappointed with the results, you essentially get what you pay for.


The decision to try and save money will probably end up costing you more in the long run because after receiving disappointing results, a generic brand user may use a different generic brand when they could have just upgraded to RoundUp to begin rather than buying multiple products in efforts to save money.


For Solid Weed Control, Go With Brand Name RoundUp

We understand the temptation of trying to save money. With us being and promoting being DIYers, the biggest factor is usually saving money. But saving money at the expense of an inferior product is not wise.


You may be saving some cash with a knockoff, but there’s no guarantee that you truly are going to be able to get the job done eliminating those irritating weeds on your land with that cheaper product. So in this case, Solutions recommends going with the leader when it comes to non-selective treatment.


Solutions Pest & Lawn has numerous RoundUp products in stuck like: RoundUp QuikPro Herbicide, Roundup Pro Max, Roundup Custom Herbicide and Round Up Pro Weed Killer.  


These are the very same products that agricultural farmers use and lawn maintenance professionals and are still very affordable while being top-notch high quality.


There is a reason that RoundUp is one of the top selling herbicides in the US, because it works. So if you are having a weed problem that is too much to handle with mere pulling and weed whacking, go with a proven champion in the herbicide game.

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