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Roswell location

Solutions Pest & Lawn- Roswell, Georgia

AboutSolutions Pest & Lawn newest pest control store has just opened in Roswell, GA just outside the metro Atlanta area. Located conveniently on Roswell Road in historic downtown rosell the store carries a full line of insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, rodenticides, and pesticide application equipment for any problem you might have.

PeopleThis store is currently managed by Robbie Howell who comes to Solutions after many years owning a Lawn Doctor franchise. He brings a background in lawn care service with him to the store. He has become an expert in pest control and equipment as well and when you come into the store will help you with any problem you may have. He is assisted by Matt Laprarie who joined the Solutions family in 2016. He brings experience in pest control to Solutions Roswell.

Service Area: This location currently serves north Atlanta including Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, Buford and others with quality pest and lawn care products. 

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    • 701 Atlanta St, Roswell, GA 30075


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Solutions Pest & Lawn’s Roswell location is one of our newer stores and has been proudly serving customers with the best in professional pest control products and lawn care supplies. Pest control personnel and DIYers come both near and far to this location not only because the products are high quality and proven to work, but because our sales staff is experienced and passionate about helping people with their in-home pest issues or problems with their lawn and garden.

Become a DIY Master With Our Help

Today is as great a time as ever to do-it-yourself when it comes to projects around your home because of the variety of reliable sources available out there today which can show you how to do things correctly. The same can be said about pest control. Controlling insects in your home or removing weeds from your lawn can be easier than most homeowners realize especially when the proper professional pest control products are available and a trusted expert can  to give them pointers on how to apply and use professional pest control equipment.

At our Roswell storefront, Solutions Pest & Lawn has been regarded as an excellent location for homeowners and pest control businesses for dealing with insects or lawn issues and how to go about solving such issues. Aside from housing the finest pest control products, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers and professional pool chemicals on the market, what keeps our customers coming back is the valuable information and how-to techniques learned through our helpful DIY advice.

Whether you are a long-time DIYer that just likes to get things done with your own hands around the home or you are inexperienced and just want to save a few bucks by not hiring an exterminator, Solutions Pest & Lawn can equip you with the DIY know-how you need to use professional pest control products in a safe and secure manner that will deliver the results you’re looking for: the total elimination and extermination of whatever insect or lawn weed which is invading your home or property.

Stop by the Roswell Solutions Pest & Lawn store location today and let our experienced sales reps and DIY experts teach you proven techniques to inspect, control and prevent any pest issue you have been plagued with. We promise you that when you come into our Solutions Pest & Lawn store, you will leave the store wiser and better prepared for tackling pest control issues than you ever have before.

Solutions has the Right Stuff for DIY Pest Control unlike Big Box Stores

More often than not, the pest control products sold on store shelves at big box retailers like Wal-Mart and Home depot, while certainly low-prices, are very low-quality compared to options you would find in a store which specializes in pest control, like Solutions Pest & Lawn. If you were to hire a pest control exterminator or talk with a pest control serviceman about what the best products are to deal with common household pests, they would advise you to stay far away from pest control products sold at store chains.

Solutions Pest & Lawn carries pest control supplies which professionals not only use but they swear by them when hired to eliminate pests or knock out lawn weeds, because the products we carry WORK. In fact, the insecticides, herbicides, equipment and supplies which pest control companies and exterminators carried at Solutions Pest and Lawn are the same products which exterminators, landscapers, and pest control services purchase when they are looking to restock their supply.

Something that makes newcomers to DIY projects hesitate when shopping our products and comparing them to what is found at department stores and garden centers is the price. Often they are looking for a bargain deal so they go to big box stores because they are looking for the lowest possible price. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better and you will find that out first hand when you take those cheap products home and use them and see that your pest issue is not getting any better and the infestation is unaffected. If this does happen, all we can say is, “You get what you pay for.”

Don’t let the packaging of those knockoff brands deceive you, what you are getting from those chain retailers is a terribly watered-down product that will often leave you disappointed when you apply it according to the directions they provide and see that it does little to eliminate you insect infestations.

Solutions Pest & Lawn products, on the other hand, are highly powerful concentrates which often need to be mixed with a little bit of water and will deliver a deadly knockout blow to any problem pest which is unfortunate enough to come in contact with the mixture.

So why not listen to the experts and use what works rather than wasting your money buying knockoff products that won’t do your home justice in getting rid of pests? Solutions Pest & Lawn only carries products in stock that have been scientifically tested and proven to kill rodents and insects and lay waste to invasive weed species on your lawn.

Unleash the Pest Control and Weed Killing Master Within You!

Most people are overwhelmed when it comes to trying to get rid of infestations of bugs in their home or outbreaks of weeds on their lawn because they feel they have to be licensed and certified experts to effectively do a good job. They might find something on the internet, usually put together by pest control service businesses that tell them that they can’t do DIY pest control and they would do more harm than good doing-it-yourself and to leave it to the professionals. Don’t sell yourself so short! You can be a pest killing extraordinaire without years of training and certifications if you: 1) know the right place to get the right products and 2) Have experts who can guide you along the way.

This is exactly what you will find when stepping foot into any one of our Solutions Pest & Lawn retail storefronts: professional grade products and professional DIY advice by seasoned experts who are happy to help.

Save $$$$ By Doing Pest Control the DIY Way

A large reason a lot of people choose to go DIY is because they either have had bad experiences when hiring a professional or they have been overcharged for pest control services. If you choose to go DIY and use the recommended professional products from Solutions Pest & Lawn rather than hiring a professional exterminator, you can save on average up to 70%? That’s quite a bit of money which stays in your pocket.

Solutions Pest & Lawn wants to empower homeowners to be able to take on the responsibility of protecting your home from unsightly weeds and damaging pests and we have over 50+ years of professional pest control experience behind us to assure you that we are more than qualified to give helpful advice. By using our products based on expert recommendations and carrying out our easy to follow instructions, you may never have to hire an exterminator ever again.

Come Visit Us!

If you’re tempted to do a little DIY pest control or if you even have a few questions about some pest or lawn problems you’ve been having, feel free to stop by our Solutions Pest & Lawn location in Roswell today. We look forward to seeing you and will be happy to help point you in the right direction.


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