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Residential Mosquito Controlcommon house mosquito

Whether you live in a home or an apartment, the presence of mosquitoes in and around your place of residence can become a literal pain in the neck, that is why you need to think about residential mosquito control.  When attempting to spend time outdoors to soak in the sun or get some fresh air, mosquitoes can take away all the enjoyment with their blood-sucking tendencies. However, not only do mosquitoes put a damper on summer days and evenings with their itchy bites, they can also be a dangerous cause for concern because of their potential to carry deadly illnesses like Malaria or the Zika virus.

Solutions Pest & Lawn has a variety of answers to mosquito control which you can carry out yourself without the need for hiring a pest control professional which may charge rates that you may not have a budget for. You can save a ton of money by simply purchasing high-quality professional grade mosquito killing products, cutting out the exorbitant labor costs of a professional performing the mosquito applications and just do them yourself.

If you’re unsure whether you are truly capable of performing a thorough mosquito control application in and around your residence, we can help you with free DIY advice. We have various helpful resources and guides on our website or you can get some expert advice by contacting us via email, phone call or online live chat where we can walk you through step-by-step how to properly perform a mosquito control program that will successfully get rid of your mosquito issue.

How To Perform Effective Residential Mosquito Control: 4 Step Solution

Getting rid of mosquitoes from your yard doesn’t have to be complicated when you have the right pest control instruments at your disposal. However, you can’t just spray pesticides around randomly and think you’ve done your job. Coupling high-quality mosquito control products (like foggers, pesticides and traps) with practical pest management tips, you can overcome even the biggest mosquito outbreaks.  Here is a simple to apply four step process we have laid out that anyone can carry out to successfully eliminate pesky mosquitoes.

Step 1: Before getting into using chemical products, it’s best to make the area around your home less appealing to mosquitoes by eliminating any standing or stagnant water. These places are where mosquitoes like to congregate, especially to lay eggs. Items and spots that may contain water include bird baths, ornamental fountains, water gardens, rain barrels without screened covers, plant pots, animal drinking containers, the crevices of plastic toys, garbage cans, old tires, buckets, tree stumps, puddles, shallow ponds, clogged gutters, obstructed downspouts, flat roofs, and yard debris.

Eliminate or empty out water from these areas as frequently as you can. If there are any areas where this can’t be done, you can apply larvacide like Altoside Pro G  to deal with any eggs that have been laid to prevent them from growing into adult mosquitoes.

Step 2: Now it's onto using mosquito-killing chemicals. Select a product that is specifically labeled to be used on residential yards. Use an insecticide, such as Reclaim IT or Flex 10-10 as well as an insect growth regulator like Pivot 10 to spray around your yard using a hose end sprayer or backpack sprayer. For more serious infestations, use a misting blower like a Solo 451 which you can shop for below. Mix the mosquito insecticide, making sure to follow the label instructions when it comes to application amounts and rates.

Step 3: Make sure to apply the insecticide of choice using the equipment of choice, making sure to get an even application on all shrubbery, trees, bark mulch, mulch beds and outdoor foliage. Make sure to get the top of leaves as well as the underside as mosquitoes typically hang out underneath leaves to avoid the heat from the sun in the daytime.

Step 4:  Conduct regular repeat sprayings around every 10-14 days to keep mosquitos away and reduce their population. These steps make your property less appealing for mosquitoes to gather at and will build up a repelling effect overtime, so that you spray less often.

Shop our residential mosquito control products below. If you would like any assistance, view our how-to videos, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call us at (800) 479-6583 and we will give you all the help you need to confidently control mosquitoes on your residence.

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