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Red Eye Termite Monitoring Station

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The RedEye Termite Monitoring Station is the newest termite device around. Its unique design allows for treatment of termites without insecticidal baits. If termite activity is found just use a foaming product to inject the insecticide directly into the termite colony. This reduces the amount of insecticide used and provides the most targeted application available.

Target Pests

The Red Eye Termite Station is intended to monitor for termites

For Use In

These termite stations are installed into the ground and can be used in soils mulch and other types of ground.


The Red Eye Termite Station is applied similarly to other monitoring systems. Stations are placed approximately 10 linear feet apart about 5' away from the structure. They should be placed flush with the ground so as not to get damaged by lawn mowers. It is important to not place the stations along the drip line of the structure to increase longevity.

After placing the stations if termites are present the active monitoring device will provide visual feedback of termite activity. When the red eye is not visible there is termite activity. If activity is detected use Fipro Foaming Termiticide to inject into the port on the top of the station

Coverage Area

Each station will monitor about 10 linear feet of foundation.

Mix Rate

When using these stations you will want to place them 8-10 feet apart around your home. Make sure to install them 5 feet away from the foundation of the house so they are easy to inspect.

Active Ingredient

There is no pesticide active ingredient in the Red Eye Termite Station. When termite activity is discovered you use a targeted application of Fipro Aerosol to treat the infestation. This minimizes cost as well as pesticide use around your home.

Red Eye Termite Monitoring Station

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Red Eye Termite Monitoring Station is available for purchase in increments of 20

Do Termite Monitoring (Termite Bait) Stations Really Work? Red Eye Does.


In the pest control industry, there are always new innovative ideas coming out to try to make DIY pest control and termite control especially, easier and more convenient for homeowners and pest control professionals.


One such method of termite treatment are termite bait stations also known as termite monitoring station. Termite bait stations are small tubular plastic devices which are implanted into the soil around your home’s yard to treat infestations of termite which are present.


If you’re like most homeowners or DIYer’s, however, you may raise the question of “Do termite bait stations work?” The simple answer to this inquiry is that when a bait station is properly installed and monitored it can very well be a solid method of getting rid of termites that have invaded your home.


Solutions Pest & Lawn has the answer to that question in the form of Red Eye Monitoring stations, which is the latest technology of termite bait stations that makes termite baiting and monitor more effective than ever before.


How a Termite Bait Station Works In General


Normally when using a termite bait station, multiple stations should be installed around the perimeter of your home about 3 to 4 feet away from the foundation. One monitoring station will be placed every 10 to 15 feet in narrow holes drilled by a specialized tool or any simple power drill that you have or digging tool. Once the bait station in installed, a termite monitoring system is then filled with non-toxic termite food that will lure termites into the bait station to indicate and conform that termites are present.


Once it is for certain that termites are around, the harmless termite food will then be replaced by a toxic termite bait which the termites ideally are supposed to consume and share amongst one another when they return back to the termite nest. There the termite workers, soldiers and the termite queen will then fall ill and die from the bait.


Termite bait took a more offensive approach to killing termites when they were first made as opposed to liquid termiticides which repelled termites and were used as a barrier to keep termites away. The problem with termiticides is that clever termites would simply move around the termite barrier and still get to the wood they wanted to eat by maneuvering themselves and avoiding the harm.




Typically, termite bait used in termite bait stations contain paper, cardboard or other materials which contain cellulose which is the nutrient that termites target as part of their primary diet. This cellulose material is then mixed with a slow-active termiticide. These baits are slow acting for a reason; to allow termites the time to take the bait and share it amongst the other termites in their colony. A termite who has consumed the bait will be fine for the first few days after eating, giving it plenty of time to take the toxic material back to the nest and affect the other insects in the nest, ideally creating a domino effect that leaves the entire colony dropping dead.

Termite Bait and Monitoring Stations Are Safe and Easy To Use

Baiting is popular method of killing termites and has become a hit with homeowners who want to save money on expensive termite exterminators and go the DIY termite control route. It’s easy and convenient and don’t involve a lot of use of spraying toxic chemicals. Termite monitoring stations can be used to eliminate infestations of drywood and subterranean termites. While termite baits are lethal to termites, they are not harmful to humans, pets or plant life.


RedEye Termite Monitoring Station, the New Innovative Termite Bait Method


RedEye Termite Monitoring station is a new method of termite baiting that addresses a lot of the complaints which standard termite bait stations brought up. For example, RedEye is finally a type of termite station which utilizes non-repellents instead of expensive slow acting baits. The nonrepellents that is recommended for the RedEye can vary but we recommend FiPro Foaming Aerosol  to treat for suspected termites in a location.


The Injection Port on the RedEye allows for termite foam applications such as FiPro Foaming Aerosol to be moved through termite runways and mud tubes creating a transfer effect and a direct kill of the colony. Because the FiPro is a non-repellant, unsuspecting termites will walk through and over the FiPro Foaming Aerosol and not be alarmed by the fact that they it's designed to kill termites.


While the RedEye Termite Monitoring station should not be regarded as a stand alone treatment of termite infestations on a home property, it will kill termite populations if used correctly and contacts termites. RedEye is also not a substitute for a thorough inspection as that should still be done as part of a comprehensive DIY termite treatment program.



The Red Eye Bait Station Works in a variety of ways:


1. As an indicator to find Termite populations when the Red Eye falls away from the clear acrylic eye.

2.  As a destruction tool for termites when the ground around the station is treated with Termiticide.

3. As an indicator to find Termites and you may treat however you wish, rodding, wall foaming, trenching etc.

4. As an indicator to find Termites and inject FiPro Foaming Aerosol available directly into the tunnels.


RedEye Termite Monitoring Station contains wax impregnated cellulose for longevity which has the capacity to draw thousands of termites around the station. The termite eat into the wood plug into the white tube and destroy whats inside the tube and then the RedEye drops away, a clear sign that you have termites.


Once the RedEye drops you can inject the termiticide in the injection port with FiPro Foaming Aerosol and after that it’s adios termites. The foaming termiticides goes directly into their tunnels. There’s nothing like it on the market. RedEye Termite Monitoring Station is for real!


We do have to mention that in the professional pest control industry the LABEL IS THE LAW. Only states or counties that ban the chemical can prohibit use. In most states the RED EYE TERMITE STATION can be used with one or more of the non repellent chemicals mentioned above and available in your state.



Alternatively, you can purchase Reclaim IT Insecticide which is our own patented brand of insecticide and a better value and can be used to form a long-lasting termite barrier.


Make sure you have the right sprayer for this product: We suggest a Hose End Sprayer or a 1 Gallon Pesticide Sprayer


Make sure you stay protected when handling chemicals with the help of our homeowner safety kit.


Product Q & A

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Browse 10 questions Browse 10 questions and 11 answers
Is this station reusable?
Sean on Jul 3, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Are you asking if it is re-usable after you find termites and using the Fipro? You would need to replace the station after you have injected it with Fipro, but luckily they are not costly.
How does this station compare to the Advance termite bait staiton?
Thomas B on Aug 15, 2017
BEST ANSWER: First the Red Eye Termite monitoring station is more cost effective and when termite activity is found in the stations you can use a lower cost item to control the colony. Does not require a key to access and easy to install. We suggest using Fipro foam on active termite monitors, which is easily injected into the station. https://www.solutionsstores.com/fipro-foaming-aerosol
I have a large property. Should I buy multiple monitors? Is it necessary?
Wesley on Jun 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes you will need to measure the home and calculate how many you will need they will be placed 8-10 feet apart from each other.
The eye is still visible but has faded to clear. What does this mean if anything?
Jan S on May 15, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Once the Red eye starts to fall this is an indication of activity. The termites will feed on the wood that is located inside of the station. As they feed the red-eye will begin to descend indicating termite activity. Make sure to keep the station down and treat with the Fipro Foam.

I want to buy the redeye station in WHITE but I do not see that option; is it available?
Robert S on Apr 28, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Unfortunatly we only have the Redeyes in black
How do these compare to the Advance Termite Stations, I have used them, but hard to get.
Sally on Jun 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The will work the same as monitor stations, and then instead of replacing with a bait or poison, you will inject with Fipro when you find termite activity.
What do you do on the side where you have a concrete driveway? Should I be worried about not being able to place the station there?
John on Jun 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No, you would not have to be worried in that location. You will want to place the station where there is soil and near the wood structure of the home. You can, however, apply the Taurus SC liquid in the expansion joint of that driveway by removing the wood spacer and applying directly to the soil.
How do I know if the station has been attacked by termites?
Billy on Jun 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: When the red eye is not visible there is termite activity. If activity is detected use Fipro Foaming Termiticide to inject into the port on the top of the station. https://www.solutionsstores.com/fipro-foaming-aerosol
I placed a Termite Station in the ground and it hasnt indicated any termite activity for 2 weeks now. Am I doing something wrong?
Roger on Jun 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: No I would say if you have followed all of the directions on the station that you currently do not have any termites in that area.
How long will the Red Eye last?
Kelly on Jun 30, 2017
BEST ANSWER: The timing will vary from homeowner to homeowner. Keep an eye on the monitoring stations when the red eye disappears you know you have active termites. Then use the Fipro foam to eliminate the termites attacking the station wait 30-60 days to remove and replace the station.

Customer Reviews

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Purchased in store
The guy in the store was very hepful. I was looking for the sentricon system and they let me know it is only for sale to pest control companies. This station will allow me to only treat if i have an issue.
June 30, 2017
Great Value
I bought these after watching the video on youtube. Great cost and it was just as easy to install. I have not seen any termites, but at least I know I am on top of the termite problem.
June 30, 2017
Thanks Solutions
Thanks for offering these termite bait stations, great cost and if I need a chemical they offer a cost saving product, like in the video. I am saving thousands doing the DIY!
June 30, 2017
Wish I found you sooner
I wish I had not spent so much money and found these stations first, after I spent tons of cash on a station that I cannot get any longer!
June 30, 2017
Effective product.
Bought this product because it was referred to me by a rep. It was confusing to use at first but I called and got help over the phone. After a frustrating start, I got it going and it helped immensely. I didn't see anymore termites after that.
June 30, 2017
Satisfying result
I didn't have a lot of money to hire an exterminator to inspect and treat for termites, so I was glad to see an affordable option. It worked like a charm, though installing it into the ground wasn't as easy as they advertised it to be. Once the monitor indicated activity, I used Fipro as instructed and injected it into the port and soon enough my termite problems were gone. Highly recommend this product, just make sure you have the right tools to install it properly.
June 30, 2017
Great affordable Termite monitor
It may look kinda funny, but it sure does work! Very happy with the result of this product. It was able to seamlessly monitor the termites around my home and alerted me with the red eye going off. And to think I was about to throw a large chunk of money away to hire a pro.
June 30, 2017

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