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Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry high-quality products manufactured by PumpTec. Learn more about this innovative company below and shop their products as well.

About Pumptec

Pumptec is a U.S.A., Minnesota based company started in 1988 with a simple philosophy in mind: build durable, high-quality pumps that work as hard as our customers.

Pumptec prides itself on working closely with our customers to support their unique needs. Armed with many industry patents, we are constantly striving for new innovations in design and performance. Pumptec specializes in custom assemblies that deliver results specific to our customer’s application and industry. Our designs of high performance pumps make us a strong consideration for any existing or new applications.

Pumptec builds durable, reliable, re-build-able electric pumps that out-perform the competition and last for years. And they are very quiet. These are not throw-away, spray on demand light-weights. These are serious, heavy duty units that have been tested for years in challenging conditions like car washes, engineered to be easy and inexpensive to maintain, and provide many years of service.
Browse our Pumptec manufactured products below. For questions on orders or DIY advice, contact us via email, phone or live chat.
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