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Target Pests

None -- Prentox PBO-8 is an emulsifiable concentrate for use as an additive in insecticides and acaricides to improve control of insects and mites. This product aids in reducing oxidative resistance that can develop in insects and mites. This product has no insecticidal effect of its own.

For Use In

Prentox PBO-8 is for use in residential dwelling or indoors in commercial or institutional buildings (including food-processing and handling areas) turf and ornamentals crops (including greenhouses and nurseries) on livestock and livestock housing. Not for use in outdoor residential misting systems (indoor or outdoor).


Prentox PBO-8 may be applied using ground equipment sprayers, hand-held sprayers, power sprayers, foggers, ULV applicators, or by chemigation. Not for use in outdoor residential misting systems.

Tank Mixes: Tank mixing or use of this product with any other product which is not specifically and expressly authorized by the label shall be the exclusive risk of user, applicator, and/or application advisor. Read and follow the most restrictive label instructions and precautions of all products in a tank mix.

Ground Applications: Do not release spray at a height greater than 4 feet above ground or crop canopy.

Aerial Applications: Do not apply at wind speeds greater than 10 mph at the application site. Do not make any type of application into temperature inversions. Apply as a medium or coarser spray (ASABE Standard 572). Do not release spray at a height greater than 10 feet above the ground or crop canopy. Boom length must not exceed 75% of the wingspan or 90% of the rotor blade diameter. Aerial applicators must consider airspeed and nozzle orientation in determining droplet size. When applications are made with a cross-wind, the swath will be displaced downwind. The applicator must compensate for this downwind displacement at the downwind edge of the application area by adjusting the path of the aircraft upwind.

Airblast Applications: Direct spray into the canopy. Turn off outward-pointing nozzles when spraying row ends, and when spraying outer rows.

Coverage Area

Please see product label page on 'RATES'.

Time to Kill

Prentox PBO-8 has no insecticidal effect. Will not kill on its own.

Active Ingredient

Piperbonyl Butoxide (PBO) 91.3%

Prentox PBO-8 Synergist Insecticide

Prentox PBO-8 is US-made Piperbonyl Butoxide that is used as a synergist additive to super-charge performance of insecticides allowing you to use lower dosage rates with an enhanced product. Can also restore the effectiveness of a product in some cases if pest-resistance has been developed. Synergizes many insecticides, including pyrethroids, imidacloprid, carbamates, rotenone, and others.

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