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Target Pests

Pivot 10 has been shown effective against many pest including but not limited to: American Cockroaches Ants Beetles Booklice Boxelder Bugs Clothes Moths Confused Flour Beetles Crickets Darkling Beetles Drain Flies Drugstore Beetles Fleas Flies Fungus Gnats German Cockroaches Weevils Indian Meal Moths Ticks Litter Beetles Midges Mosquitoes Moths Phorid Flies Red Flour Beetles Silverfish and Stable Flies.

For Use In

Pivot 10 IGR can be used in commercial residential and agricultural settings including but not limited to Warehouses Manufacturing Plants Commercial Buildings Industrial Buildings Transportation Equipment Automobiles Boxcars Boats Trucks Railcars Ships Cargo Holds Food Areas Restaurants Food Processing Plants Food Warehouses Grocery Stores Supermarkets Schools Offices Apartments Hotels Motels Hospitals Nursing Homes Daycare Facilities Lawns Building Perimeters Livestock Housing Poultry Housing Dairies Kennels and Feed Lots.


Tank Mixing: Tank mix Pivot 10 IGR with other registered pest control products.

1. Follow the most restrictive label when applying mixed with other products. First mix the tank mix partner in your sprayer.

2. Add the proper amount of Pivot 10 IGR for the volume of water in the sprayer. For regular applications Pivot 10 is mixed at a rate of 4 to 8 ml per gallon of water.

Surface Applications: Mix 4 to 8 ml of Pivot 10 with 1 gallon of water to make a spot treatment solution, broadcast spray, or crack and crevice spray. Apply Pivot 10 solution wherever conditions could support insect populations. Use a fan spray pattern for best coverage.

ULV Applications: Pivot 10 may be applied as a fog or ULV space spray. When fogging apply Pivot 10 at a rate of 1 ml per 1,000 cubic feet of space. Remember to shut off ventilation systems and keep room closed for at least 30 minutes.

Food Handling Applications: Pivot 10 may be applied in food handling areas as a general surface spray, ULV fog, or crack and crevice treatment. Spot treatments may be applied while the food area is in operation. Space sprays and ULV fogs may only be applied when the food facility is not in operation.

School Applications: Pivot 10 may be used in Schools as part of integrated pest management programs. Applications should only be made when the school is unoccupied. People may re-enter school after surface areas have dried completely.

Foam Applications: Pivot 10 may be foamed into drains for drain fly control. Mix 4 to 8 ml of Pivot 10 in 1 gallon of water and then add foaming agent. Follow foaming equipment instructions for application methods.

Outdoor Application: Pivot 10 may be applied as a general surface spray at the rate of 4 to 12 ml per 1000 square feet. Treat all known breeding sites thoroughly (building walls, porches, decks, patios, carports, garages, stagnant water, shady and moist areas, fence lines, and tall grasses.

Coverage Area

Pivot 10 will treat 6,000 to 13,000 square feet of area depending on infestation and application method.

Time to Kill

Pivot 10 is not a contact kill, it prevents insects from reproducing. For immediate results mix Pivot 10 with a contact kill synthetic pyrethroid.

Active Ingredient

Pyridine 10%, Pyriproxyfen 10%,

Pivot 10 IGR Insect Growth Regulator

Pivot 10 IGR with Pyriproxyfen is a specially formulated insect growth regulator that is effectice on many tough pests including fleas, ticks, cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes. Pivot is the first generic Pyriproxyfen with residual efficacy up to 7 months. Pivot 10 is similar to Gentrol IGR and Precor IGR but is photo-stable and lasts longer.

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Customer Reviews

  • Pivot 10 IGR Insect Growth Regulator
    By Kelly Wilson on 7/18/2013
    Used this product with permethrin and knocked out our flea problem. NO FLEAS! The product was shipped quickly and customer service answered all my questions. Thanks. Will use again.


  • Pivot 10 IGR Insect Growth Regulator
    By Amber on 5/1/2013
    Have tried this and it works about as well as can be expected. Can't tell for sure if they IGRs are always working but have not had any problems yet with using it for fleas.


  • Pivot 10 IGR Insect Growth Regulator
    By on 4/1/2013
    Fast shipping and well packed. Have delt with leaky bottles in the past and this was good.


  • Pivot 10 IGR Insect Growth Regulator
    By Fred on 10/22/2012
    I mixed this with Cyonara when it first came out and have not had any since. Great product!


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