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Mosquito Sucking Blood

How To Control Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are among the most hated pests that we come in contact with and for good reason, they bite and love to suck our blood. Outdoor activities and gathering can quickly turn sour if there are a lot of hungry mosquitos around ready to pierce into our skin. Aside from being a pesky annoyance, mosquitoes can also be terribly dangerous with how easily they can spread disease.

Solutions Pest & Lawn wants to help you make it possible to savor those warm days and cool nights. Take back your backyard and start enjoying fresh air without having to worry about these nuisances ruining your fun.
The products we carry are the best mosquito killers on the market and should be considered if you’re serious about eliminating your mosquito problem. Pest control professionals who are hired to exterminate mosquitoes don’t use your average department store bug spray. They use the professional-grade products we have in stock like Reclaim, Flex 10-10, and Altosid Pro-G. These products are easy-to-use and apply, so why not save money and do it yourself?

Why Buy from Solutions?

Solutions Pest & Lawn cares about you and your family having a comfortable and insect-free home.  We want to empower you with the tools to take care of your mosquito problem and that’s why we have created easy to follow how-to guides and helpful instructional videos. We also have on-call experts, who have over 80+ years of mosquito killing experience, ready to deliver professional tips and advice. 

How to Get Rid of Mosquitos (4 Step Guide)

Whether you have a small mosquito problem or a heavy infestation, we recommend a simple to execute 4-Step Solution:

Step 1: Before getting into using chemical products, it’s best to lessen the appeal of your home to mosquitoes by eliminating what mosquitos love most: standing water. This is where mosquitos gather and where they lay eggs. Eliminate areas where water accumulates around your home and reduce unnecessary clutter.

Step 2: Apply larvacide like Altoside Pro G to areas where you cannot control standing water. Larvicide is a sort of growth control that prevents larvae from maturing into adult mosquitoes. Common places to apply larvicide are places where water doesn’t freely flow, including containerized ponds, animal watering troughs, flowering pots, etc.

Step 3: Use an insecticide, such as Reclaim IT, as well as an insect growth regulator to spray around your yard using a hose end sprayer or backpack sprayer. For more serious infestations, use a misting system or a mist blower to spray on your lawn and your outdoor foliage.
Step 4:  Conduct regular repeat sprayings around every 10-14 days to keep mosquitos away and reduce their population. These steps make your property less appealing for mosquitoes to gather at and build up a repelling effect overtime, so that you spray less often.

Browse our Knowledgebase, view our how-to videos, email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call us at (800) 479-6583 and we will give you all the help you need to confidently control and eliminate mosquitoes.

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