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Fly ControlHow To Control Flies

Solutions Pest & Lawn offers the largest selection of fly control products for your home, office or commercial facility. Whether you are in need of large scale recommendations and procedures, to small personal suggestions we can have you covered.

Filth Flies require inspection, sanitation, exclusion, insecticidal application and removal of the breeding grounds. Typically, taking an Integrated Pest Management effort, with all steps being addressed to get the best level of population reduction of flies.

Sanitation, Sanitation, Sanitation, this really is going to be the key to filth fly control for commercial structures as well as homeowners and property management companies. Remove the food source, remove the breeding areas, and remove the odors that are attracting them and you are well on your way to having less of a fly infestation. Keep trash sealed and make sure that you have as many things in place to prevent the flies from making it inside the structures. Screens on the doors, and windows, sealing the cracks and repairing any openings in very important when it comes to fly control.

Indoor fly control can be effective with fly lights, glue traps, and fly executors. Outdoor fly control should consist of fly bait, and an insecticidal spray. Fly traps work great for outdoor spaces, but you will want to place these away from the area you want to be fly-free, because it does act as an attractant.

How to Get Rid of Flies- Solutions' 3 Step Program

Fly control programs typically center around sanitation then remediation. We offer a program that has three parts. We kill the adult flies that are bothering you this instant, solve the problem through sanitation and bio-enzyme cleaners, and the prevent future issues with the use of an insect growth regulator. If you follow our 3 step program below we guarantee 100% that you will get rid of any fly infestation out there.

Step 1: The first step is immediate control of adult flies in the area. Most people do not like them flying around their home. We can do this through the use of traps or foggers. Traps are all natural non-pesticide based and lure them in until they get stuck. You can use either a Musca-Stik Trap or a Fly Light trap. The other option is a surface spray. Not all flies can be treated the same way so it'd be important to identify the type of fly and then look for the recommended products we have for each specific fly.

Step 2: The next step is using a bio-remediation product to eliminate the habitat of the insect. Typically flies will breed in organic matter that is decomposing. This could range from a sink drain with gunk buildup, fruits and veggies that are turning, planters for flowers with moist soil or mulch, or even a rodent carcass that has not been cleaned up. For fruits and veggies simply throwing them away and wiping up with solve the issue. For the other problems, we sell tons of a product called Invade Hot Spot which is an aerosol spray foam that is used to coat the surface you are treating. It can be foamed into drains or sprayed on target areas. The bacteria in the product will eat away at the organic matter until it is gone. With no organic matter, the flies cannot breed and the life cycle will be stopped.

Step 3: The final step provides long-term control and prevents re-infestation if you should ever happen to bring the eggs back from a grocery store. It is a product called Gentrol Point Source and works as an insect growth regulator for up to 7 months per application. What it does is ensure that the insects cannot reproduce and form a colony in your home. Using this product around problems areas once or twice a year will ensure you never have the issue again.

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