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As you may already be well aware of, bed bugs have become a bit of an epidemic here in the United States, but it wasn’t always this way. A little over a decade ago, bed bug complaints and outbreaks in the states were very few, but in recent years they have been making their presence felt with massive outbreaks in all parts of the country. The reason why is very likely due to traveling overseas and bed bugs hitching a ride in the luggage of immigrants and travelers. Even if traveling domestically, there is huge risks of having bed bugs tag along with you when staying at hotels and places with large amounts of people moving about.

Bed bugs will literally jump at any opportunity presented to them to attach themselves to your clothing or ride in your luggage, following you to your home where they will most certainly breed and create an infestation while using your blood for nourishment.

That is why we here at Solutions Pest and Lawn not only carry bed bug control products for your home, but are also stocked with high quality bed bug prevention and repellant products that you can carry with you whenever you are traveling.

Bed Bug Prevention Tips To Consider when Traveling

  • Observe Your Surroundings and Be Thorough: This seems like common sense but often it is not placed high on the priority list of travelers who have many other things to worry about while traveling. When staying at a hotel room, bed and breakfast or even a friend’s house it’s important to take some time out to inspect the area, especially where you will be laying your head down to sleep for the night. The best indication there are bed bugs present is by checking for the presence of the bed bugs’ droppings on mattresses and furniture. These are often in the form of dark red or light brown blood spots that give away the location of their nests. If you discover that a room has these indicators, you should alert the hotel management immediately and demand to be relocated to a new room that is bedbug-free. Or you should probably go to a different establishment altogether.

  • Check Reviews Of Hotels Before Booking: Something that is basically a supplement to the first tip but also quite important when it comes to figuring out which hotel to stay while on vacation or traveling is to check online for hotel reviews to see if previous guests and patrons to a hotel had experienced any problems with bed bugs. If you find any mention of bed bugs you should exercise caution and not book a room with that hotel, just to be on the safe side unless you can find out for sure that they have taken steps to eliminate that problem which you should be wary of since hoteliers usually don’t do a thorough enough job addressing their bed bug problems nor have they implemented an effective prevention program due to lack of knowledge and technique.

  • Equip Yourself With Bed Bug Travel Items: No matter how good your intentions or a service members intentions, you can never be too sure that you are safe from bed bugs so your best bet is to arm yourself before any trip with one of our many bed bug travel items. Solutions Pest and Lawn offers a variety of professional strength bed bug sprays and bed bug powder in convenient travel sized packaging. We also carry other helpful travel items like pillowcase covers, luggage liners and bed bug proof laundry bags. These products will give you the ability to eliminate, prevent or control any bugs so you don’t have to deal with them setting up shop when you are back home.

Browse our travel products below and for more information check out our knowledge base and DIY How-To videos or you can get a live expert to talk to who will guide you over the phone --FOR FREE. Email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call us at (800) 479-6583.

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