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Free Mosquito Spray: ABC 13 & Solutions Hurricane Relief Program

After the water subsides, our community will be left with an enormous mess to clean-up from Hurricanes Harvey & Irma. Mosquitoes not only hamper the clean up efforts but they can transmit disease and cause health issues. Typically mosquitoes will hatch approximately 2 weeks after flooding due to their natural life cycle. Right now is the calm before they descend on flooded homes and neighborhoods.

We have partnered with Patricia Lopez, ABC13, and your local news affiliates to provide free mosquito control chemicals to people affected by Hurricanes Harvey & Irma. Add Optimate CS 1oz to your cart and use coupon code: "HurricaneMosquitoRelief2017" at checkout to get your free 1oz bottle of mosquito treatment chemicals. 1oz of Optimate CS will treat up to 8000 sqft of area. Your free mosquito chemical will be mailed to your door in 2 days or you can also visit any of our stores and use the same code to get $20 off any mosquito control chemicals. (This offer will only work in TX, LA, GA, FL)

Step 1: Get rid of any standing water on your property immediately. If the heavy rains have left pools of water sitting on top of your pool cover, in your gutters, or inside plant pots, dump that water out into a nearby sewer drain. These are all potential mosquito breeding grounds. We know that because of flooding not everything can be drained out so worry about the things you can empty out such as bird baths, ornamental fountains, water gardens, rain barrels without screened covers, plant pots, animal drinking containers, the crevices of plastic toys, garbage cans, old tires, buckets, tree stumps, puddles, shallow ponds, clogged gutters, obstructed downspouts, flat roofs, and yard debris.

Step 2: If there are any areas where water cannot be drained, you can apply larvicide like Bactimose Briquettes to deal with any eggs that have been laid. The larvacide will prevent any baby mosquitoes from growing into adult mosquitoes.

Step 3: Use an insecticide, such as Optimate CS to spray around your yard using a hose end or handheld pump sprayer. 1oz of optimate is enough to treat 2000 square feet of yard. Make sure to spray for mosquitoes during the heat of the day and to concentrate on shady areas and vegetation. Spray the undersides of the leaves as that is where mosquitoes like to hide from the sun. You will want to keep all pets and kids away from the treated area until dry. Once dry the product binds to the surface it is on and will not be affected by weather for up to 90 days.

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