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Liquid Fertilizersliquid fertilizer

Every homeowner wants their lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood. Having a lush, green and healthy yard can make your home stand out among the rest and be a source of pride. Unfortunately, a nutrient-rich lawn doesn’t just happen on it’s own. There has to be time and sweat invested into getting your turf and garden the way you want to get it. Just like our bodies need the proper nutrition to stay healthy and function properly, our yard needs the same type of care put into it to thrive at a high level. At Solutions Pest and Lawn, our goal is to help you, the homeowner, get your lawn all the nutrients they need to look its best through our vast offerings of lawn care products like fertilizer.

What is Liquid Fertilizer?

Liquid fertilizers are a concentrated water based form of fertilizer as opposed to dry granular fertilizer andor water-soluble powders of synthetic chemicals that contain a mix of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and iron. With the use of a water hose, sprinkler or mixing the concentrate with water in a sprayer, it can be applied to lawns to ensure it gets essential nutrients.

Using a liquid fertilizer for your lawn or garden brings about many benefits that you cannot get with dry fertilizers. For instance, liquid fertilizer allows the lawn to absorb nutrients quickly. While your lawn’s turf receives most of its nutrition from the environment, it still needs external help in order to grow green and lush. Many homeowners who desire to have an outstanding lawn prefer to give it an extra boost by using fertilizers. These fertilizers contain a mixture of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Sprinkling liquid fertilizer on lawns can help busy homeowners who still want a well-kept and nutrient-rich lawn tackle lawn care in a quick and convenient way.

All lawn fertilizers contain this powerful trio of nutrients, but liquid lawn fertilizer uses these fertilizes in the most time-efficient fashion. Probably the main drawback of liquid fertilizer is it’s high cost compared to dry fertilizers. While liquid fertilizers may be fast acting, compared to dry choices out on the market, they are not as long lasting and will require more frequent application. At Solutions Pest and Lawn we have an impressive selection of liquid fertilizers you can use to get the most out of your lawn.

Browse our liquid fertilizer products below. For more information and more detailed advice on what type of fertilizer to use and how to properly use it, give in touch with us via email, phone or live chat.

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How To Apply Liquid Fertilizers

Applying fertilizer doesn’t have to be a career and take up so much of your time. If you’re a newbie when it come to lawn care, we here at Solutions Pest and Lawn can help you not only by providing you with excellent professional-grade products which will make your lawn maintenance tasks more convenient, but we also want to equip you with the right lawn and garden know-how so you can fertilize your lawn correctly the first time. Here are three basic steps to keep in mind when applying liquid fertilizer.


Step 1: The first thing you must do before applying your liquid fertilizer is to prepare your soil. To do this we recommend watering your lawn or garden and getting some wetness there so the fertilizer granules can be better absorbed.


Step 2: Make sure to use the right equipment when fertilizing your lawn with liquid fertilizer. We recommend using a either a manual sprayer and mixing the concentrate with water to dilute it or applying it to a hose-end sprayer. An alternative can be via sprinkler. If you want the best results and want to apply fertilizer like a pro, we recommend getting a hose-end sprayer or manual sprayer.


Step 3: Spray the fertilizer along your turf or garden making sure you get an even coating. The best way to do that is to use a fan sprayer which sprays an even mist of fertilizer over the entirety of your lawn.

Learn More About Liquid Fertilizers

As a homeowner, your lawn is usually the first thing people notice when they visit or pass by your home, so you want to leave a good impression. A big part of keeping your lawn looking is best, aside from regular mowing and watering is to apply a fertilizer at the appropriate times of the year. However, many novice landscapers and lawn care takers can often get hung up on what type of fertilizer they should use.


Liquid fertilizers are a very beneficial form of fertilizer not just to your soil and plants but also when it comes to convenience. Liquid fertilizers contain the same essential nutrients of a granular fertilizer but are simply to apply and deliver rapid results. However. You shouldn’t just look at liquid fertilizer as simply some liquid food for your plants, liquid fertilizers also play an important role in making sure the chemicals that naturally occur in soil are well balanced in order to create an ideal situation for your lawn where optimum growth occurs.

Is a Liquid Fertilizer The Best Option For You?

Here are some things to consider if you are trying to decide if granular fertilizer is the best route to take to feed your lawn:

Easy Application

Liquid fertilizers are super easy to use no matter what stage of growth your plants and turf is in. They can encourage seeds to sprout and take root and down the line assist in the development of fruit and flowers. If it becomes necessary for a plant to be transplanted, the application of liquid fertilizer directly to the root makes it so the plant can settle better into its new home.


Liquid fertilizers are ideal for those who just want a quick solution to treating and feeding their lawns. Simply attach your fertilizer to a hose end sprayer or a hand or backpack sprayer, and point and spray. It’s really as simple as that! For landscaping businesses or homeowners who usually hire landscapers, using liquid fertilizer can save big money in the long run by lowering the cost of labor.


Promoting Healthy Root Systems

Plants are able to reap the benefits of liquid fertilizers right away. In fact, the benefit to plant root development is so well documented that many farmers use liquid fertilizer when planting crops to help seeds germinate and establish strong root systems. Granule fertilizers don’t have the same type of soil penetration of liquid fertilizers because they are dry and can’t be absorbed right away by the soil.


While nitrogen levels are a vital component in the soil type, the amount of nitrogen can be risky because too much or too little nitrogen can potentially kill the plant. To provide overall health, liquid fertilizers are designed to promote overall fertilizer pH. Ideally, soil should have a pH ranging between 5 and 7 and a liquid fertilizer can help by balancing the pH levels to the optimum amount.

When exposed to these better balanced pH levels, both seeds and young plantlife will develop strong, healthy root systems which keep the plant fed and provide strength against the elements such as wind and stormy weather.


Ease of Mixing

Granular fertilizers can be a pain to dilute in water so many lawn care professionals and home landscapers state liquid is so much easier to mix. Dry fertilizers also can potentially mess up equipment much quicker. For instance, trying to mix granular fertilizer in a pump that isn’t constantly agitate can cause build up and enough usage with buildup will cause damage and the need to repair or replace the piece of equipment.


The Pros and Cons of Liquid Fertilizer In A Nutshell


  • Easier to handle when mixing and applying

  • Provides a more uniform application compared to granular fertilizers


  • Can be more expensive compared to granular fertilizer

  • More susceptible to volatilization and loss

  • May require more regular applications


As with any chemical substance or lawn care product we carry in stock, liquid fertilizers should be used with caution. Pay close attention to the condition of your soil before application by testing it. Follow the safety and label directions on the product and consult an expert if you are not sure how to proceed with application. We are available via phone, email or online live chat so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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