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The How-To’s of Carpenter Ant Control

Camille Landry posted this on Oct 6, 2016

If you have seen carpenter ants in or around your home, they could be pretty easy to
get rid of yourself. Of course, this is after you properly identify the correct insect. Do
not mistake carpenter ants for termites. Go online to look at pictures of the two insects
before you make a move to rid your home of them. Sometimes, carpenter ants just like
to hang out in an old tree stump in the backyard. If that is the case, you will just have to
put some bait or spray on the stump and be done with it.

However, if the ants are coming into your home from their nest outside, you will need
carpenter ant control for the outside of your home with a residual barrier insecticide
and clear away any debris from your home. Next, kill the outside nest by opening it
and applying any carpenter ant product on it. You may also face the unfortunate fact of
having to replace aging or rotting wood like a porch or deck to prevent an establishment
of an indoor ant colony.

Detective Work in Action

If you can play ant sleuth and find out where the ants are getting into your home, if,
indeed, they actually are, this will solve a huge part of your problem. You could set up
some ant bait and follow their little trails; of course you understand this will usually take
place at night, so you may want to plan for this exciting activity on a weekend. Once you
locate their hideout and pathway, spray pesticide at the entrance of their nest and place
baits wherever they may roam.

Drill Baby Drill!

This may take care of the problem if you do not have a large infestation on your hands.
The goal here is for the ants to take the bait and pesticide back to the nesting spot and
spread the poison throughout the colony. Another option is by drilling holes in the walls
of your home to penetrate their nest, then spray and dust it down with ant killer. This is
an effective treatment and is followed by professional pest control technicians.

Whichever technique you choose to use, feel confident in your method by visiting your
online pesticide website to not only buy the products you need, but to get all of the
knowledge you need to get the job done right the first time.

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