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The Benefits of the Mouse Trap

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 6, 2016

Mice can be a real nuisance to both your home and your yard, but there are many ways to get rid of these annoying and unwanted pests. The mouse trap is the most effective option for getting rid of these critters, both inside and outside of your home. Read on for more information about mouse trap options.


Benefits of Using a Mouse Trap


The mouse trap can be a very effective tool for getting rid of mice in your home. The best part about using a mouse trap is that they will control your mouse problem without you constantly having to be running intervention. Since mice like to scurry along the baseboards and often hide in other difficult to reach places, mouse traps are ideal for trapping these pests when they least expect it.


Different Types of Mouse Traps

The most common and traditional type of trap is the snap trap. This has been used to get rid of mice for over a century. It is a simple contraption that consists of a spring lever that captures the mouse when they go after the bait.

Another kind of mouse trap is the electronic trap. While this type is newer and more expensive than the traditional snap trap, it is very effective in killing the mice by zapping them with a lethal dose of voltage once they get close.

A more humane option is a live trap because they do not kill the mice but rather simply catches them, often in a cage so then can be released later.

Another more common option is a glue trap. This simply baits the mouse onto a sticky surface that keeps the mice from escaping.

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