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Camille Landry posted this on Aug 1, 2016


If your living space has been infiltrated by termites, you don’t have to sit back and accept it. Be proactive and take steps to eliminate the problem once and for all. There are all sorts of termite solutions that you can pick up at local stores or even have shipped to your home. You can even hire a pest control technician to get the job done. Let’s take a look at some termite control methods that you can do by yourself.


Do it Yourself Termite Control

There are all sorts of termiticides, bait stations, traps, monitors and kits that will attack your home’s termites. Consider using an advanced termite bait control kit. These types of kits have monitors, foams, bottles and baits. Many will work on buildings and homes that are 100 linear feet in size. Kits like these will destroy the termites in your home, office or building and also function as a preventive means to stop termites from re-entering the space in the future.

Try out some Termidor Termiticide. You can mix it to create upwards of 50 gallons worth of termite destroying solution. All it will take is 90 days and all of the termites in your living space will be eliminated. Check out the Online DIY pest Control companies like ePestSolutions.com. You’ll find that there are all sorts of products similar to Termidor’s on the market. While Termidor is known for its effectiveness, the other comparable products will get the job done as well. Many prefer the Termidor brand because it has a special Transfer Effect that requires just a tiny bit of the solution to destroy large amounts of termites. But there are great post patent products available that offer the same chemical at a bigger savings over Termidor SC.

Make sure it is non repelling


You will want to make sure the chemical you pick is a non repelling termiticide, so that the termites cannot sense the chemical is there and they will continue to move in and out of the area and share it with the colony for total elimination.

Termites tend to congregate around wooden areas as they are detritivores. This means that they primarily feed off of dead trees and plants as well as living trees. So, if you take the DIY (do it yourself) route, try and locate the area of the infestation.

There are some all natural means of eliminating termites as well, things that can be used on the wood to make it indigestible to wood destroying insects. These are naturally occurring borates and will work great for your termite problem.

DIY Termite Control

No matter where your termites are located or minor or severe the problem we can help with great DIY options for controlling termites in your home or business. There are a large selection of termite control products, foams, borates and bait stations for any situation all available as a professional product, sold directly to you.

View our termite foam control products to learn more.

Let ePestSolutions help you learn how to control termites like a professional.

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