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Camille Landry posted this on Aug 1, 2016

Many homeowners will be faced locating a termite mud tube this year somewhere on their exterior.  At that point you ask what I can do.  Many will call in a professional termite guy for a price quote and find that they offer you 2 options:  full treatment or a spot treatment.  Each with substantial price differences…this will help you understand a spot application.  But there is always a DIY option.   

Spot applications are simply put, to treat the spot where you have knowledge of termites, whether adults, a swarm, and or mud tubes.  They can easily be done by applying a residual termiticide in the soil on the exterior of the house/structure.  We recommend digging a 6 inch wide by 4 inch deep trench.  Apply your chosen termiticide at the recommended rate of 4 gallons (mixture) for every 10 linear feet.

Spot applications may not provide as much security against termites as you would hope, and after 10 to 8 years it is time to think about doing it again.  Pyrethroids and the newer “non-repellents” decompose at a much faster rate, leaving the structure pretty much termiticide-free after probably 8 years or so.  There will always be pressure on the home by termites looking for food, and only by keeping a chemical residual in the soil can we be assured that they cannot make it to the wood of your house.

The non-repellents like imidacloprid and Taurus allow the termites to enter the treated soil, because it is not a repellant.  They will pick up the active ingredient, and haul it back to the colony. In this manner Taurus is a better choice than a synthetic pyrethroid.  One of these products when used as a spot treatment might actually drive the foraging workers away from the soil you treated and cause them to find other routes. The best use of a pyrethroid is to create the complete barrier in the solid.

You can also treat any bare wood in that location with a borate product ( Bora care, Tim-bor), and also consider the placement of termite bait stations (advance termite system) there, hoping that the termites already in that area discover the bait in the station, accept it as food, and take it back to the colony as well. Do not do any baits in the same soil as you have treated with a repellent pyrethroid product and this will prevent the termites from entering the monitors.

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