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Picking termite control products

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 4, 2016

When a house is infested with termites, it can be a big problem for homeowners. Although there are a variety of do it yourself pest control solutions that can help, it’s important to select appropriate products based on personal concerns and the current level of infestation. In the case of termites, early treatment solutions and eliminating the pests as soon as they are discovered can prevent severe damage to personal property.


Termite bait is a good choice when the problem is still small and the damage is limited. By using bait kits from ePestSolutions, it’s easy to limit the damages by eliminating the pests.

Bait should be placed in locations that are near the infestation if it is possible. The insects will bring the poison from the bait back to the colony and die over time. The downside of bait is that it can take some time before the infestation is eliminated. Avoid using bait if the pests have spread throughout the building. There are faster options when the problem has already spread.


Although extermination is a good choice, ePestSolutions provides wood treatment options that can help prevent the insects from spreading throughout a home or property.

The treatments are used directly on the wood so that it repels the insects or kills them when they start to damage the wood. The downside of the treatment is that it cannot be used on every item that may be eaten by termites. Paper, books, and insulation may still be damaged by termites.


The products that are most appropriate can be difficult to identify when the problem is growing, but there is always a solution to alleviate concerns related to human and pet health. Organic products are an appropriate solution when there are small children, pets, or individuals who are sensitive to chemical treatments in the house.

Since organic products are made with environmentally friendly and natural materials, it will not harm the family. The products will still prevent the spread of termites or kill the pests before severe damage to the property occurs, but the organic materials are safer than other products that are available.

There are a variety of products that can help with termite control, especially when the problem is still small and the damages are easily fixed. The key is selecting a product that addresses the current extent of the problem and does not cause concerns regarding the health of family members.

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