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Phantom kills termites-plus other pests

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 2, 2016

If you already have a termite problem—or just want to do everything in your power to keep these destructive pests away—you’d probably be willing to pay a small fortune to get rid of them. Fortunately, that may not be necessary. Phantom Termiticide is an effective and relatively inexpensive product that can help wipe out termite infestations.

Phantom provides superior control and long-lasting effects, and even a relatively low dose can have impressive power. It kills both on contact and via ingestion. It can work faster than other tactics, such as bait, and its liquid format allows for easy application directly on nests or breeding areas, as well as in cracks and crevices.

As a bonus, Phantom is also effective at killing ants and cockroaches, as well!

Phantom is available in a variety of formats and sizes at Solutions Stores.

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