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Dominion 2L kills termites and other pests

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 3, 2016

If you are waging a war against termites or other destructive (or annoying) pests, you need a strong weapon on your side—and Dominion 2L is a great choice. It contains Imidacloprid, a common pesticide chemical that is frequently used in farming and other plant-related environments, but is also approved for residential purposes.

It is often used for termite control, although it works for a variety of crawling pests. You can apply Dominion to the soil around the wood surfaces of your home, creating a sort of protective barrier against termites. It doesn’t repel the termites, though—the goal is to have them come in contact with the Dominion material.

Dominion kills the bugs, but it works in a two-fold process. It kills bugs that come in contact with it, but also has a secondary effect in which it kills other bugs that it is shared with. In the case of termites, their social habits and tendency to live close together in large colonies are big advantages in allowing this product to be so effective, because it provides ample opportunity for Dominion to be shared among large numbers of insects.

As a result of its killing method, Dominion is a good option for long-term pest control, as it lasts for a long time and provides residual effects. Check out the Dominion 2L products available at ePestSolutions.

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