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The Pros and Cons of Do-It-Yourself Termite Control

posted this on Oct 12, 2016

With regards to do-it-yourself pest control, there are a few pests that are harder to treat than others.


And one such pest are ‘termites’.


A thorough search on the internet will get you numerous home remedies and effective products for termite control. But some people have a hard time deciding whether or not opt for DIY techniques when it comes to termite disinfestation.


Normally, PCOs assert that while it might be the less expensive choice to attempt and go about termite control on your own, there's no guarantee that simply applying some termiticide around your home will be viable in termite extermination. But this is not always true!


Like every other thing in this world, do-it-yourself termite control has its own pros and cons. And if you are amongst those unable to decide whether to go on a termite-killing spree or not, fret not; we’ve done the homework for you!


Below are some of the major considerations about do-it-yourself termite control and their pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Termite Control

  • Strong, high-quality products are needed for termite extermination (and only professionals can buy those)

Another debate that discourages people from using DIY termite control medications is that only the authorized experts are permitted to utilize professional termite control items. While we can’t help but agree with the fact that there is a little truth behind this concept, it does not mean that DIY products that are available over-the-counter won’t do the needful or that you are not allowed to buy the professional ones.


Indeed, termite control products are expensive, but they are worth the money and effort. Against your money, you're getting termite pesticides that are guaranteed to work and in case you're following a DIY approach, you get the pleasure of assassinating your enemies yourself while saving a lot of cash.


  • Pest control companies discourage DIY termite control – WHY?

For your money, of course! The fundamental motivation behind why pest control experts disclose to you that doing termite control isn't a DIY thing is that on the off chance that you decided to handle that wood-knitting critter yourself, they'd be missing out on a client and the cash you spend in hiring a professional.


More often than not, they need you to spend oodles of cash for their termite control administrations. Presently, while they might be authorized and well-trained to explicitly manage termites and do intensive examinations, this doesn't really imply that the normal DIYer is unequipped for doing likewise.


In all actuality, you needn't bother with ‘extra’ skills to lead termite control treatment in your home. (And who does not like exterminating the enemies with their own hands?)


When you take after the directions laid out by specialists or the product labels, for example, the staff and products available at Solutions Pest & Lawn, you can effectively work out a DIY termite control program that will give satisfactory results and wipe the termites out.


  • Only the tools specifically designed for pest/termite control will work

Yes, you do require appropriate tools along with the right products to effectively carry out termite disinfestation. While the professional tools and products can work quicker and better, it does not mean you get zero results upon using the ‘appropriate’ ones only and not those that the professionals use.


Pest control experts say that it's smarter to employ a genius to direct pest control for you since they have all the professional hardware needed for termite control and they are right. But with termites, you may require simple things like an injection rod, a drill, scoop, and a wheelbarrow since termites primarily live in the soil underneath the ground and only intrude your home for food.


This argument may work for a few yet not for the ardent DIYer. You needn't bother with a lot of specialized tools to direct termite control. You can carry out inspection using a flashlight and use a screwdriver to check and test wood around your home for termites.


With the correct strategy, may end up treating termites better than the professionals if you invest sufficient time and effort in doing so.


  • DIY Termite Control Poses You to Health Dangers

Pest control experts often debate that termite control items require qualified personnel to deal with them and that DIY techniques can pose you to health dangers. This is true in case the infestation is really deep and you go up against the pests unprepared or uncovered.


The trick is to buy safety items along with the products and tools that you get to run such an activity. Apart from that, you need to abide by the safety and security measures that the product label displays. If the product label does not say anything, you still have to follow basic principles such as using a dust mask and covering your body fully.


It is advised that you opt for a professional pest control if the infestation is too deep to be catered or the area that is infected is really hard to treat.


Regardless of the extent of termite infestation, you can treat it with one of the products available of Solutions Pest & Lawn including Alpine Termite and Ant Foam, Dominion 2L Insecticide, Termidor Dry Refill , Red Eye Termite Monitoring Stations and, Altriset Termiticide and so on. But make sure you follow the directions and abide by the safety measures to get the desired results. Visit the website and make a purchase today!


Do it yourself termite control is important to the homeowner since professional termite treatments can cost you thousands of dollars. Termites are not just annoying insects, but cost homeowners thousands of dollars of structural damage to their homes every year. This is why you need a termite inspection when you buy or sell a home so the bank financing the transaction will approve the loan. The bank wants to know the home is safe from termites and that it does not have significant structural damage, otherwise the loan will not be approved.


Become a Termite-o-phile It is important to arm yourself with knowledge of termites such as how they live and how best to treat the different types of termites for your home. Unlike ants that have hard bodies and are dark in color, termites have straight beadlike antennae. Their abdomen is joined at the thorax. It is important to distinguish if your infestation is carpenter ants or termites as the treatment can be very different for each insect. If you happen to see a live termite in your home, your home is most likely infested. On the outside of your home, you can see termite tunnels on the foundation of your house near the base of the structure. Termites use these tubes to shield themselves from ants and to hide from the suns UV rays which kill them. They are social insects and live in colonies and exist to keep the colony safe. They can live for up to two years with a constant food supply.


Buy the Same Termite Products the Professionals Use Armed with your trusted online pest control supplier, you can now purchase the same termite baits, insecticides, termiticides, termite traps, wood preservatives, dusts, foams, monitors, and aerosol sprays as professional pest control technicians use. They are the most effective and safest products on the market today and when used as directed by the label, will successfully rid your home of termites for a fraction of what a termite treatment will cost you. Just arm yourself with termite knowledge and begin to research what products you need to kill the termite colony invading your home, and you will be well on your way to having a termite-free and safe house for you and your family.

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