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Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016

Homeowners Expect MoreYou should consider offering bait systems for one simple reason: 35% of your prospective homeowners desire and will ultimately purchase baits, due to the benefits they offer over liquids.

Aggressive response

PMPs across the country have reported hits as fast as 15-45 days. It’s control that homeowners can see from a simple design they can understand.


Families with children and/or pets or anyone chemically sensitive often prefer a low impact approach to termite protection.

Visible protection

Stations remind homeowners daily that you are protecting their homes and they like the peace of mind that comes with your quarterly service inspection.


Many homeowners feel ATBS offers better long-term control than liquids, which degrade in the soil over time.


No drilling required in or around the home, making it far more convenient and adding peace of mind with kids and pets.

You Can Expect More

In addition to a higher level of customer satisfaction, there are many business advantages to offering the Advance Termite Bait System.

Large market segment

Last year, over 35% of homes purchasing termite control chose a bait system over liquid options. Selling ATBS allows you to close sales with a segment of your market that would only purchase a bait system. In addition, you now can treat structures that often times can’t be treated with a liquid effectively or economically, such as commercial buildings.

Close more sales

Consumer research shows that 80% of homeowners prefer having a choice of both bait and liquid treatment options presented. Offering choice with a professional recommendation will enhance your credibility and your close rate with both bait and liquid customers.


Technicians can install 4-6 bait systems per day versus one or two liquid-only treatments, increasing your revenue. This fast installation helps avoid lost sales during the busy swarm season.

Cross-sell potential

General pest control offerings can be easily added during your quarterly bait system inspections; increasing the revenue per service visit.


Bait systems typically sell for higher installation prices and generally command about twice the renewal price of liquid jobs.

Termites aggressively feed on the Advance compressed termite bait containing Puri-Cell and the active ingredient diflubenzuron.

Bait is Replaceable Bait is Replaceable

After a colony is eliminated, the TBC is replaced with a new TIC. The technician continues to inspect these quarterly to discover any new colonies that might enter the area. Inspect Stations Quarterly Inspect Stations Quarterly

Stations are inspected quarterly, no matter the status of the station.

* * A 45 day inspection is required on homes with termite activity present when stations are installed.

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