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Advance Termite Bait Stations and Bait: How do they work?

posted this on Aug 4, 2016


Hi. I would like to purchase Termite Poison and the things you stick in the ground for the poison to go into. I am confused as to ‘bait’ versus ‘poison’. I want the termites to take the poison back to their colony and all DIE. What do I buy to make that happen?


Are you referring to the Advance Termite System? There are bait stations, then inside they have termite inspection cartridges or attractant, once you see termite activity inside the stations then you would remove the TIC and install the Termite Bait / Poison. The Best Place to start is a kit, either 10 or 20 monitors depends on the area you need to cover, the kits come with everything you need stations are complete and ready to go in the ground, then they also include the bait / poison that you will only use when you have termite activity in the stations.

You can also just buy monitors and spider tool to open the stations if you want to wait to buy the poison.

Hope this helps and I can always be available to speak with you over the phone if you are still needing some guidance.


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