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The key to stopping a spider invasion in your home is you!

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 2, 2016

They exist pretty much everywhere and it can often be frustrating or terrifying to figure out how to kill spiders. One key thing to keep the creepy crawlers out of your way is to think about what they like and provide as little of it as you can.

Spiders have to eat, just like any of us. Except what they eat is … bugs. Seriously, spiders – you really just have no means of being anything but creepy.

Anyway, spray for bugs with a professional grade aerosol (forget the store-bought), don’t leave crumbs around – like in the couch – keep floors and dark, hidden areas clean. Don’t let your sink get all messy! That will lure in more spider filet mignon than anything. Keep your bathrooms spick and span – we’re looking at you, Dad and kid brother – and don’t leave food lying out.

Cover Your Bases

You can’t completely eradicate bugs so there will always be spiders, but you can make your home a spider repellent zone simply by giving them nothing to work with and getting some pro-grade sprays and traps.

Spiders are many things – resourceful, intelligent, ruthless – but they are also selfish. They aren’t in your house for the great backyard views. They are there to eat, so close up the restaurant – if they won’t sign the check, poison their dessert!

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