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Spider Traps to Keep Charlotte and Her Little Ones Away From Your Home!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

For the most effective control of spiders, a good online do-it-yourself pest control company
will offer the best line of spider traps for the DIY homeowner. Spiders can become very
homey in your home and can, at times, be hard to control. Even when you’re doing your best
to avoid the Addams Family theme in your home, spiders can make things challenging. The
webs can become the least of your worries with some species of spiders causing serious

Spiders in the Barn, Not the Home!

From the black widow, to the brown recluse spider, their bites can cause redness, itching,
lesions, vomiting and spasms. Let’s not even touch the subject of arachnophobia! I know we
all grew up watching Charlotte’s Web as children and naturally gained sympathy for spiders;
however, with the harm they could cause your children or pets, you need to have them
removed from your home and let them live with Wilbur in peace and in the barn!

Spider Attraction 101

Spider control is vital to keeping your loved ones safe. Spider traps can be non-toxic and are
very effective for controlling the lovely creatures in your home. These traps actually attract
spiders and will not harm pets or humans. They use a strong glue along with pheromone
scents to attract all types of spiders onto the trap.

These traps should be placed in the areas spiders use most, of course, and near any
entrances spiders may use to get into a room. It’s important to note that spiders are not
insects and regular insecticides will not work on spiders. Making spider traps an excellent way
to trap them and get them out of our home.

There are different types of traps you can buy on the market today so do your research to find
the ones that will work best in your home. Some traps are flat like paper and there are some
that you can form a box with to cover the glue surface from getting dust on it. Those work
well, particularly if you live in a dusty area.

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