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Keep Calm and Carry On with Spider Control

Camille Landry posted this on Aug 1, 2016

Almost everyone, even if they don’t fear spiders, fear getting a spider bite and then it turning into something you see in a horrible medical documentary.

We’ve probably all seen the gross and dangerous effects of a spider bite when left untreated, these can span from just a large whelp to even going as far as rotting flesh due to the toxins inside the spiders fangs.

Most people will freak out when they see small sores on their legs, arms etc.

The best thing to do is calm down and do some investigating before you say it’s a spider or any other insect bite.   If you suspect an insect bite then we need to try and locate the insect or spider and then act accordingly.

Start by looking over the bite and possibly marking it to make sure it does not get any larger. A spider bite will be warm, almost hot, to the touch and will grow as the infection spreads.

Also, search the rooms you spend your time in. Look for cob webs, insect carcasses and any other evidence that may show an insect is living with you.

If you find no traces of these and the area gets smaller you may just have had a normal reaction to something not a spider bite. If you find these traces and maybe the spider itself then take it to the doctor so they can get you on antibiotics right away.

Worry about your health before anything.

Glue boards work great for monitoring if you have large amounts of insects that may be an issue in your home or sometime a weekend home.

Spraying the perimeter with a insecticide on the exterior to keep the insects from surviving if they decide to make their way inside and this will work for all insects, and spiders.  Keeping the spider’s food source down, “insects” will help keep the 8 legged ones away.

Onslaught FastCap Insecticide is a great control solution for spiders. 


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