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Spider DIY Pest Control
Oct 18, 2016

Spider Overview As frightening as some Spiders may appear, these eight legged and multi-eyed insects are not as big of a nuisance as some other pests and can actually be beneficial to your home garden in getting rid of roaches, flies and the like. The problem arises when spiders find their way...

The Brown Recluse Spider: A Winter Worry
Oct 31, 2016

The cooler weather of fall is giving us a preview of even colder conditions of winter. However, while we are all prepping for the lower temperatures with winter wear and making sure our heaters and furnaces are in good condition, some very irritating pests are also looking for options to stay...

How to Use Cy-kick CS Insecticide for Pest Control (Including Scorpions)
Nov 1, 2016

How to Use Cykick CS Insecticide for Pest Control (Including Scorpions) Speaker:  Keith McCoy, Solutions Self Chem             Hey, are you bothered by insects, other critters that may enter your home or garage, such as scorpions, centipedes, silver fi...

Spider Control the Professional Way
Nov 15, 2016

Spider Identification Active hunting spiders include the jumping spiders, wolf spider, sac spiders and ground spiders. All of these spiders are actively hunting for food, they pose no real threat to us as humans, and do control quite a bit of other insects. If you seem to be invaded by one of th...

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