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Want a Pesticide-Free Mouse Control? Mouse Glue Boards to the Rescue!

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016

Do you want a pesticide-free way to get rid of mice? Then mouse glue boards might be just
what you need. Mice glue boards do not use toxins to capture mice and they need no bait.
There are some glue boards that put some attractant in the middle of the board, but proper
placement of the board itself is more important.

Bear in mind that these boards are so sticky anything can get stuck on them. Keep them out
of reach of children and pets. If something does get caught unintentionally, you can work it
free by applying some cooking oil to the glue board and it should release whatever got stuck.

Are You a Man or a Mouse?
The bad part about using these is many times you will find a live mouse stuck on the board.
That is when you decide whether you can kill the mouse yourself or get out the oil and work
it free in front of your horrified kids. If you do not have the stomach to kill the captured mouse
or if you cannot bring yourself to touch the mouse when setting it free, then this is not the
method for you.

Mice like to live within ten feet of where they find food and water. A good place to start placing
the glue boards is near where you find mouse droppings. Mice have very poor eyesight, so
they follow the scent trail left by other mice. They also have no bladder control, so the scent
the mice will follow is their…well, you know. Mice like to run next to walls, so make sure you
place the glue boards up against walls.

Follow the Label
The label will recommend how far apart you should place the boards. Please check your glue
boards frequently. Even though mice are filthy, destructive, and disease-carrying, they should
not be left to suffer. If you choose to release them unharmed, take them far away from other
homes. If you release them in the back corner of your property, unless you are a high and
mighty Cartwright, rest assured they will be back.

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