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Utilize Rat Bait to Rid Your Home of Unwanted Vermin

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 4, 2016

Monica Bird |

Rat bait is great if you hear little noises coming from the attic around dusk and your dog feels
the need to bring home dead ones and drop them at your feet…for your approval. If you
have found little brown dropping around the pet’s food dishes or storage containers and you
actually see the critters run around your property, it is time to get yourself some rat bait.

Bait and Boxes, a Useful Pairing
Rat bait is often used in boxes or stations which protect the bait from inclement weather and
keeps the kids and pets safe. The bait should be placed in a bait station which makes the rats
feel safe and secure while the feed. Silly creatures! The stations should be large enough to
hold several rats at a time and have at least two openings where they can enter and exit. Any
of these stations need to be clearly labeled and made of sturdy material to keep out curious
George or his pet dog, Fido.

Do not expect rats to go out of their way to find your bait station. Place them where you find
evidence of their activity. You may need to place them above ground level so make sure they
are properly fastened to keep kids and pets safe. Rats are suspicious animals and will stay
clear of unfamiliar objects for a while, but do not get discouraged. It may take a few days or
so for them to get used to the station. Keep the station well stocked with bait until they stop
eating it.

It Can Take a Week or Two till the Inevitable
Depending upon the type of bait used, it can take a week or so of the rats eating it before they
succumb to their eventual demise. Read the label thoroughly and make sure you understand
what type of bait you are using. They can carry disease, so care should be taken. Use gloves
and always wash your hands after handling the rats. Place the dead ones in a plastic bag or
bury them out back. Make sure their droppings are cleaned up and the areas affected are

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