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Tips and Products for Mouse Control

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 6, 2016

Mice are among the smartest and highly adaptable mammals. They’re also incredibly fertile; a healthy mouse in the right conditions can produce about 42-60 offspring a year. Needless to say, they can cause a huge problem if they decide to nest and reproduce in your home. In order to get rid of mice it is important to use the right mouse control products and take extra measures to make sure they are eliminated and do not return.

Some good products and tips for successful mouse control

Ÿ  Mouse traps and glue boards-Using traps and glue boards is a very common method and as long you do it right, you should be successful. The only problem is that mice are very intelligent creatures that use sophisticated behavior patterns to avoid danger. Many people have used mouse traps with little to no success either because the mice have outsmarted them or they did not methodically set them up. One way to trap a mouse is to put traps out baited and unset for a few days. This will teach them that they can come and get food from this source. Once the trap is set, they will go for the food thinking that it is a normal source of food and get caught. You also want to make sure you place many traps throughout your home especially in areas where they nest, eat or travel through.

Ÿ  Mouse bait and bait stations- These baits or rodenticides are highly effective for getting rid of mice. All of our anticoagulant products take anywhere from 5-7 days to work, allowing the mice to continue eating the poison without side effects. Others are more immediate and although they can be effective, the mice can sometimes associate the effects with the food they are eating and stop eating the food. When you are dealing with larger infestations, it is best to get an anticoagulant or a non-anticoagulant that takes a few days to work.

Ÿ  Clean & sanitize- One key factor in mouse control is keeping your home clean and sanitized. It is also a good idea to clean out any reachable areas that the mice have been nesting. When performing this task be careful of baby mice. You also want to clean all areas in your home that may have residual food particles or water such as under or behind appliances, outdoors, in the basement or attic, etc. By removing food and water sources and their nesting area, you are making your home less appealing. You also do not want to mice to ignore the toxic food you have put out for them.

Although many people keep mice as pets, having them take over your home is no joke. They can cause great damage to your home and are incredibly messy. They can bring unwanted substances into your home and leave droppings –a great way to spread disease and sickness. For all of your mouse control needs ePest has solutions.

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