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Stop Mouse Insanity: Mouse Control for the Winter

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Stop Mouse Insanity

We all know that as the temperatures start to drop, things start thinking living inside with us looks like a great adventure. That of course include the house mouse.
Being lucky enough to have a mouse adventure does not mean you are dirty or a hoarder, just means you have a means for them to enter and a reason to stay.

I can tell you my own personal mouse adventure:

We office out of a large warehouse that is surrounded by woods, I often am the first person to arrive and after a long drive and unlocking of gates and doors, I usually make an insane women dash to the restroom. What I found as I was about to sit down on the toilet sit was the stressed out mouse swimming frantically in the toilet. This definitely caused some anxiety in this ritual for me.

Now rest assured I know that they would not in any way harm me, not likely to do anything but run across my shoes in the dark. But that does not mean I want to share my space with them.
Needless to say, the mouse in the bathroom was allowed to be set free back into the woods. The next mouse I made it my person mission to set a hell storm of traps and glue traps. In some way it may have teetered on insanity the amount of boobie traps I laid out for the mouse. But I meant business, as I should since I am in the business.

Couple of facts about the house mouse:

• Mice are small, then can easily squeeze their bodies into a very tiny opening the size of a dime.
• Mice tend to be nocturnal
• Often hide in inaccessible areas,
• Can spread and grow very quickly in homes and commercial facilities
• They are very effective reproduces and if one mouse is left out, then the population can easily rebound.

The cool air of fall and approaching winter can bring in unwanted pests, like mice, who are searching for a warm haven from the harsh weather. Before mice can make their way into your home, mouse proof your residence so that the only guests you have for the holidays are the two legged kind. In this article we review prevention techniques and treatment options if mice have already invaded.

The Good thing about the house mouse they are smaller than a rat, but not necessarily any less stressful. Still takes the same appropriate steps to locate, traps and remove from your home or commercial buildings.

You should be paying attention to where you are hearing the activity, noise and or seeing gnawing and droppings.

Exclusion products for Mice and Rats


Exclusion Products: Making your house rodent proof is the process of denying mice entry into a building or home by improving the building integrity. This can be difficult with mice since they can enter in a space small as a pinky finger. Mouse exclusion is the best long term and cost effective method of rodent control, taking the time to do it right and thoroughly can save you lots of frustration down the line. One of the best mouse exclusion products is copper mesh. Copper mesh should be used when trying to prevent entry into a hole and opening. Rodents do not have the ability to chew or gnaw through the copper mesh fibers.

Check for the openings on the perimeter that may have been allowing them to enter, the home, we need to block those up and make sure that as many openings are taken care of before the weather starts to cool down.
Some may call them cute and maybe they are in they live in a cage or in a cartoon, but when they are chewing through all your pantry items or eat your wires, feces and urine. YIKES!
Mice are smarter than most people think, but they have a flaw, they are curious and when it comes to curiosity, the saying is “Curiosity killed the cat”, but it really will be in our case “Curiosity killed the Mouse”.

One of the best way to get control the mice is to use mouse bait stations and mouse bait.

Lastly, mice like to eat often, but just a little. They like dark and protected areas, and may prefer these sites within their feeding territory. If you have located one of their favored feeding areas, utilize this area for a concentration of baiting. But also, use your baiting and traps and numerous areas throughout their territory. This will help you bait as many mice as possible, in a shorter amount of time.

We refer to mouse bait as something that lures them into the station to ingest the rodenticide or poison. You can purchase 2 different types of rodenticide, anti-coagulant and non-anticoagulant. Anticoagulants take longer to kill rodents.
The bait stations are used along with the mouse bait to keep you pets and children safe, also will help keep it out of the weather. The bait stations also do not allow the mouse bait to be taken, and wasted by the little mouse.

“Did you know that mice are very territorial and do not like to stray over than 30 feet from their nesting site?”
They prefer to utilize dark, protected areas, and have preference for corners.

You can use this mouse fact to help you in your DIY Pest Control regime by looking for rub marks along base boards. It is possible to leave a trail of talc along the suspected runway and check back in the morning for signs of foot prints. If you locate the rodent runway, place baits, glue traps and snap traps along these paths. The suggested distance for the traps is ten feet, or closer for heavier infestations.

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