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Secrets to Effective Rodent Control

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Rodents may be cute when they’re in the form of bunnies hopping around in your yard—but to most people, rodents like mice and rats that may find their way into your home are not quite so adorable. In fact, they’re probably enough to give you nightmares. So if you know—or even suspect—these pests have invaded your home, you probably want to get rid of them, and quick.

You have a few options for effective rodent control. First, you can use traps (either the snapping kind or glue boards) to try and get quick results. While this is fine as an initial “front line” tactic, it won’t totally solve your problem. For one thing, it will only catch the rodents who happen to come in contact with the traps. Rats and mice are notoriously clever, and often figure out ways to avoid these traps. In addition, rodents multiply quickly, so even if only a few of these pests manage to survive your trapping efforts, you can soon find yourself with a rapidly growing infestation again.


That’s why an effective rodent control strategy should also include bait products. These can be placed in hidden areas (like in crawl spaces or other hard-to-access spots) where traps would be difficult to set or monitor. Bait provides extended, long-term killing power and requires little effort on your part.


By using a combination of bait and traps you will see the best results in solving your rodent problem.



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