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Rodent Control Products for Your Home

posted this on Oct 8, 2016

When the cold weather hits we start feeling the need to stay indoors and try and stay warm, this is really the same for rodents, whether a mouse or rat fall is the time we start hearing the sounds in the attic. Having the right rodent control products for you home will make your rodent control procedures much more successful. There are a few different approaches in determining what rodent control product you will need for your particular issue. Here are a few helpful recommendations. Of course exclusion is the best policy just simply keeping them outside and not inside is the easiest way. Plug up all the entry points, use copper to really prevent entry in areas that have known problems, a rat will gnaw through sheet rock and siding but does not like the bite that the copper mesh gives him, it is almost like metal on a filling in your mouth…Yikes. Think like a rodent!

Walk around your house and inspect look up, look down, no your paints are not falling down, but making the inspection of limbs, and wires that can all be used to entry your home is important. Remove things that are ideal harborage areas around the house. Piles of wood, large amounts of shrubs and tree branches to close to the house will give the rodent the perfect opportunity to come in and out unnoticed.

But if keeping them out was so easy then no one would need companies like, leaders in the do it yourself pest control industry. So let’s think about when you know they are already inside or having a mayhem party in your attic or floor joist. First is it a rat or mouse? If you can locate the droppings you can usually make identification. If that is not doable or you just do not want to look, then putting out a vast selection of traps and glue boards will help us get a good indication of what is up there or inside.

You can use rodent bait in bait stations around the exterior perimeter of the house and structure. Make sure they lock securely so that nothing can accidentally get inside the station. Remember it is poison and needs to be treated with respect.

Rodent control products also include mouse size stations that can be used inside basements and garages less noticeable but a rat will not fit inside one of these. If you know you have a mouse simply using large amounts of glue boards in all the places you are finding the droppings may be good enough, next level of eradication is traps, and these products can be live traps, snap traps, and multi-catch. Lots to choose from so you can look to your personal taste as to what rodent control product works best for you.

Rodent control products for rats are pretty much the same accept there are no multi catch traps or live trap options accept maybe a animal trap, something like Catchmaster. Also something to note is that there is always the chance for the rodents to die inside and you may want to purchase an odor removal type of product just in case, not very expensive, but worth every penny. So remember winter time means wool sweaters, cute boots and the possible rodent invasion. Do your inspection and buy the best rodent control products available. You can get helpful recommendations for do it yourself pest control companies, and there is no story they have not heard, you cannot shock the friendly technicians.

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