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Rodent Control for Your Peace of Mind

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

If you need rodent control in your home, go online to your DIY pest control company to
get a feel for the products they have available and read all the information they have on
rodents. If you need expert rodent care but cannot afford the cost, there is nothing to
worry about. The same products the professional pest control companies use are now
available to you to purchase online.

All you need to make sure you do is carefully read all the labels and follow the directions
explicitly; this is truly what differentiates a novice from a professional. If you can read
and buy some products online, you are good to go. You will want to start by first
inspecting where you think your rodent problem is. Rodents are secretive and very
aggressive and tend to be a big problem if they are living in your home. Any home is
susceptible, even a new one.

Finding the Rodents and Getting Rid of Them
Look for both hot spots or active areas and soft spots or potential areas a rodent can
gain access to your home. Once located, set your traps in these areas. Seal off any
of those access points that you identified to prevent entry. You can use putty, wood,
or even steel wool to do the job effectively. You may even need to check your roof for
access points up there since rodents can crawl almost anywhere.

Your goal is to eliminate the territorial feeling the rodents have for your home. They
leave pheromone scent trails that you want to break up in order to discourage any new
rodents from entering your home. You can do this by using rodent control products you
buy online as well as eliminating their droppings, urine, and carcasses. Those elements
could pose a health hazard if not properly cleaned up right away.

Any areas that you are targeting should be checked weekly to be cleaned and to refill
any bait stations or replace traps. With patience and diligence, you can eliminate your
rodent problem and save a lot while doing the job yourself.

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