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Rodent Baiting: Location recommendations and other Useful Information

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 11, 2016

Rodent BAITING Your Three Lines of Defense:

When we refer to rodent baiting it simply means to use a rodenticide (Poison) to control and eliminate your rat or mouse population. There are a variety of rodenticides and bait stations that can be used for the purpose of rodent control. From large lockable units call EZ Kleens Bait Stations to small corner units that hold 1 bait block referred to as Protecta RTU’s.

Perimeter of the Property

On the outside of the structures you will want to use the larger stations EZ Kleens, they will hold more bloxs and will not need to be check as often, easy to located due to size and not likley to walk off, can be glued or staked.

  • Place tamper-resistant bait stations along the perimeter of the property
  • Use Blox bait as it can be secured inside bait stations on vertical or horizontal securing rods
  • Choose the correct active ingredient to reduce the risk of secondary poisoning to non-target animals


Exterior Baiting:

  • Rodents tend to move towards warm air currents or where food odors emerge
  • Tamper-resistant bait stations (EZ Kleens) or traps should be placed every 30-50 ft. depending on the severity of the infestation.
  • Place bait or traps around all entry doors

Final Rodent Bait Poison

Controlling them inside the structure

Interior Baiting:

  • Rodent device placement depends on the type of infestation you are dealing with:

For Mice you can space placements at 8-12 foot intervals depending on the severity of the infestation we like the Protecta RTU’s Bait stations because they can be tucked into corners.

For Rats Bait station space placements at 15-30 foot intervals depending on the severity of the infestation


Concrete: Attach to patio blocks, concrete nail gun/screws, liquid nails, double sided tape, Velcro

Asphalt: Attach to patio blocks, barbed spikes, duckbill anchors, secure to vertical surface (wall, pipe, fence), Velcro

Natural Soil: Attach to patio block, barbed spikes, secure to vertical surface, duckbill anchors

Tile: Attach to patio block, liquid nails, contact cement, double sided tape, Velcro

Wood: Nails, screws patio block

The Best Mouse Traps and Rodent Control
At ePestSolutions we offer a full line of professional rat control products, pest control, including baits, mouse traps, poisons, stations and glueboards for all your Do It yourself Pest Control needs. These rodent control products are the most effective professional control products on the market and until recently were not available to the general public, now you can use the same products the professional pest control technicians use at a fraction of the cost. You will find the largest selection of bait stations, glueboards, rodent bait, multi catch traps, snap traps for any size rodent and population. Do it Yourself Pest Control Products

Please email us if you have further questions for would like your own personal recommendations:


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