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Rat Traps 101

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Rats are a difficult nuisance that are not necessarily easy to get rid of. While there are many rodenticides and poisons options available, rat traps are the best option if you are concerned about children or pets getting accidentally exposed to these poisons.

Types of Rat Traps

There are a couple of different types of traps to choose from. The first kind is the older type which is known as the simple snap trap. It has a loaded spring mechanism that can have bait affixed to it. The moment the rat goes for the bait, the trap snaps shut crushing the rat. In most cases this type of trap proves to be lethal to the rat, thus getting rid of that particular pest.

The second type of trap is the simple glue board style rat trap. This one is less complicated than the snap trap, but it is as effective. The sticky glue on the surface of the trap serves to immediately stop the rodent from escaping. It is usually arranged with bait located in the center of the sticky surface. These are easy to place as they can go anywhere you suspect an unwanted pest may dwell.

The Dangers of a Loose Rat

Rats are more than just a nuisance; they can be very dangerous as well. These pests can easily cause innumerable amount of damage to pipes, wires, walls, as well as contaminate the food in your home. There are also a number of diseases rats can both carry and spread. Some diseases are even life threatening. To effectively solve your pest problem, implement measures to get rid of them once and for all. Rat traps are a reliable answer that will keep your family clean and safe.

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