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Rat Control Kits

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 8, 2016

Rat Control Kits can help out during the drought

Droughts affect everyone, even rats. A significant lack of water where rats usually live (storm drains, for example), may cause them to emerge to find alternative water sources. Places where animals are kept such as stables and dog parks usually have water which rats will seek. To make sure that a rat and his friends don’t find a hospitable source of water and food at your house, get a Rat and Rodent Control Kit 2 at Solutions. This is a great kit for smaller rat populations and domestic rat control. It comes with three stations with traps, and a 4lb pain of rodent bait. It’s safe to have around children and pets, and can easily eliminate up to 160 rodents.

Rat Control Kits for inside your homes

With our busy lives, it’s hard to keep our homes clean. It’s even harder when you have uninvited guests. Rats eat just about anything and will live where there is a constant food source, like you home. A 93 year old woman in Texas has a rat infestations that all started after Hurricane Ike which left holes in her roof and house. The Rat/Rodent Control Kit 3 available at Solutions is specifically used inside the home for those unwanted visitors. The kit comes with 6 Catchmaster glue boards that can be places in areas where the rats have been active. The kit also includes 3 T-Rex Snap traps to be place in attics or garages. The traps are reusable and baiting is not necessary but encouraged.

Safe Rat Control Kits for all but rats

When you put out poison rat bait, you are usually only thinking about the rat it will get rid of. But after that rat eats that poison, it may encounter a predator. In Thousand Oaks, California, that is exactly what happened to a cougar named P-22. He was being monitored by the National Park Service with a GPS collar and was captured to replace the GPS batteries. But once captured, they noticed the poor condition he was in and tests confirmed it was the anti-coagulant rodenticide or rat poison that caused the big cat’s is sickly condition. If you want to get rid of rats, but not the wildlife, ePest Solutions carries Big SNAP-E Rat Size Snap Traps. With 6 traps included, rats wondering on to this trap stay caught. They are safe, sanitary, simple, and reusable. You never have to touch the rodent to remove it and the trap ensures a catch from all sides. Do your part and kill rats without killing the wildlife.

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