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Mouse Control with Mouse Traps and Mouse Glueboards

Bug Lady posted this on Oct 11, 2016

Mouse Control with Mouse Traps and Mouse Glueboards

At epestsolutions we want to make your mouse control
experience as quick, painless and economical as possible. Mouse control
can be a multi-pronged approach with a combination of sanitation, exclusion,
baiting and trapping.

First step in dealing with a wide variety of rodents is
sanitation. This involves removing their
food source and harborage areas. If food
and debris are removed from their environment, they will always move to another
location in order to satisfy these essential needs. It is important to keep food items in air
tight containers if the material is stored on the ground. Keep crumbs and small food items swept up and
off the floor.

Exclusion involves building the mice out of the desired
area. Seal up the smallest holes. Mice can enter an area through a hole as
small as a dime. One exclusion method
involves putting door sweeps on the bottoms of doors. Holes
can be sealed up using a variety of materials, but copper
mesh is one of the preferred options.
Typical areas of concern are where plumbing penetrations enter the
structure in addition to AC and electrical lines.

As far as trapping mice, there are a wide variety of control
methods. Mouse Traps can be narrowed down to 3
primary methods; live catch mouse traps or multi-catch mouse traps, mouse
snap traps, and mouse glue boards.

Mouse live traps are very common, and can be used all over
the structure in just about any area.

Pro-Ketch mouse traps are a repeating live catch trap that can catch and hold over a dozen mice at 1 time.


Pro-Ketch Repeating Mouse Trap Live Catch Trap proketch

These traps are low profile and can be placed under equipment, cabinets, and along walls discreetly. Ketchall mouse traps
are wind up traps and can catch a large number of mice and hold them also.

These 2 types of traps are slightly more money than other options, but can be used repeatedly. Another live trap that is inexpensive and can
catch a single mouse is the tip trap. All these traps are typically placed along a wall where mice tend to travel, and often times they just walk right in.

Mouse snap traps have stood the test of time and have had
the same objective since their inception; catch and kill the mouse swiftly and
efficiently. The Victor mouse snap trap is the classic wooden snap trap that has the
wooden base and metal trapping bar.

Trapper Snap Traps for Mice
These are by far the cheapest snap traps on the market today, and are really a disposable snap trap. The Trapper Mini-Rex is a plastic mouse snap trap and can typically be used several times. It is easy to set and release the dead mouse.
Another reusable snap trap is the Snap-e mouse snap trap. It is also easy to set, and release of the
dead mouse is a snap. All of these traps are placed in a manner where they face the wall, so when the mouse is running
along the walk right into them.
Typically these traps incorporate some type of baiting material to entice the mouse to be drawn to the trap.
One of our favorite baits is Provoke Mouse Attractant. Other baits include peanut butter or seeds.

The final type of mouse trap is the glue board. Mouse glue boards are adhesive boards that hold the mouse in place whenever they walk onto

Mouse glue boards are inexpensive, therefore can be purchases in bulk and places in
large numbers in the structure. Most mouse glue board varieties are very similar in price,
and come in pre-baited forms when desired.
Several can be folded into a small tunnel that creates an inviting areas
for the mouse to move into. Catchmaster peanut butter scented mouse glue boards
are a very popular and can be bought in a variety of quantities at epestsolutions.
Another popular glue board is the Trapper Max. Mouse glue boards are also used regularly for
trapping insects around the structure.
Place glue boards along the walls and under items where mice travel. One downfall of glue boards is
debris can get caught on them and cover the glue up, rendering them useless.

Mouse baiting is an excellent and economical way to control mice. Mouse bait comes in many different
forms and strengths. Mouse bait is designed to mimic mice natural food source, but has poison in it that will kill
the mouse.

Mouse baiting can be done with paraffin based blocks or miniature pellets found in pre-packaged place
packs. Kaput Mini Bait Blocks is a great bait that can be used for both rats and
mice. The active ingredient warfarin has been utilized for a long time with great results.

Contrac Rat and Mouse Bait is a great maintenance bait that can also be used with all levels
of infestations. Both of these mouse baits require just a single feeding on the bait to be lethal. All bait forms must be used in a tamper proof mouse bait stations. Mouse bait stations
prevent access to the mouse bait by children and pets.


Mouse Bait Stations MBS

Mouse Bait Stations MBS

Protecta RTU Mouse bait stations hold a single bait block and can be placed in a
corner of a wall or under a cabinet or dishwasher. MBS Mouse Bait Stations are the most economical bait
station and provide excellent protection against unwanted guests.

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