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Keeping Those Rats Out

posted this on Aug 1, 2016

Keeping those rats out: Easy to follow guide for rodents

Know your enemy

Norway rat

Average weight 10-17 oz

Tail: 6-8” long, light color

Ears: average, close to body

Food preference: meats, fish, flour, fruits, vegetable

Nest: Usually nest in basements and lower portions of buildings, burrows in the soil extensively

Active at night, fair climber, and swimmer

Roof rat

Average weight 6.12 oz

Tail: 6-8” long, light color

Nose: Long, pointed muzzle

Ears: large and prominent

Food preference: meats, fish, flour, fruits, vegetable, grains

Nest: Usually enter and nests in upper portions to buildings

May next outside in trees

Active at night, excellent climber

House mouse

Average weight ½-¾ oz

Tail: Large prominent

Nose: Long, pointed muzzle

Ears: Dusky gray on back, lighter gray on belly

Food: preference: meats, grains, cereals, seeds, fruits, vegetables

Nest: may nest in any portions of buildings near food, or outside in trees

Active mostly at night, nibbles small amounts to food frequently, rather than having large meals

What they love

Rats like discreet entrances and exits to your home and yard

Love heavy shrubs and wood piles that give them protection to scurry around unnoticed

Rats like large pieces of trash to live in like abandoned cars, old couches, crawl spaces

Rats also like sources of garbage, pet food, fruit trees with lots of fruit

Bird food and any consumable product left unprotected


Trap them with glue

Wide range of glue traps that can be used to trap rats.

Follow a couple of these rules to make the successful:

Use when poison and traps are not an option

Choose rat size glue boards, the glue is heavier so they cannot get off

Place them in the rats runs and in between food sources

Cover up tunnels are available to keep the glue fresh and keep unwanted from getting stuck



Rat bait and stations

Rat bait and stations are very commonly used around homes and commercial facilities.

There are 2 types of bait

Anticoagulants and non-anticoagulants

Difference: the anticoagulants cause death within one  to two weeks of ingestion

Non-anticoagulants potency is highly variable, with rodent mortalities typically occurring on the order of several hours to days following ingestion of a lethal dose.

P.S Poison is poison keep out of the way of pets and children


Old way is the best way?

Rat traps

Sometimes the old method still works!

Rat bait will not work for every situation and when that is the cause try using a good old faithful rat trap.

Follow these rules to succcess:

  1. The more the merrier: most effective the first night so large numbers will help you be successful.

  2. Location is important: rats are nesting in a hole we recommend placing a few traps in a semi circle about 2-3 feet from the opening with the open end of the traps facing the hole.

  3. Leave the trap unset and baited for the first few days, teach them that it is a good source.

  4. Use about 12 traps for 2-3 rats.


Get the right product for your rat control

When you are trying to get rid of rats, it is very important to get the right products and the right advice. It can sometimes be very difficult to get rid of rats because of how smart they are. But trust us we are smarter then them at ePestsolutions.com.

Rats pose a particularly dangerous threat to your home, both inside and out. Not only are they often terrifying to spot unexpectedly, but these pests can be responsible for much more serious issues.

Outdoors, rats can ruin gardens, lawns, and vegetation. They often hide under wood piles, around garbage cans, in compost bins, among bushes, and even under rocks.

Indoors, rats can destroy items in your home, raid your food pantry, bring diseases in with them, and even start electrical fires by chewing on dangerous wires.

At ePest Solutions we are proud to offer these professional, high quality rat traps, rat baits, and other rat control products.

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