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JT Eaton Bait Block Features

Bug Lady posted this on Aug 11, 2016

JT Eaton Bait Block Product Features:

How to kill mice and rats

• Easy-to-use 2 ounce Peanut Butter or Apple Bait Block Rodenticides

• Superior Performance as Both a Clean out and Maintenance Bait.

• Highly Palatable to Rodents.

• Controls Roof Rats, Norway Rats and House Mice.

• Made with Food-Grade Ingredients Preferred By Rodents.

• Excellent Indoors or Outdoors. • Includes Center Hole for Placing on Bait Holder Rods or Securing with Wire or Nails.

• Packed in “Tamper-Evident” Freshness Pails. • Cost Efficient! “Freshness Protector Pails” EATON BAIT BLOCKS are now available in new heavy-duty plastic pails that protect the bait from moisture, damage during transport and any potential cross contamination.

A handy “easy-carry” pails to and from the worksite and from one baiting location to another.


The resealable lids assure that bait efficacy is maintained no matter how many times a pail is opened to remove bait.


Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, EATON BAIT BLOCKS are still formulated with a blend of natural foods and grains that are preferred by both rats and mice. Therefore, there is no problem with bait shyness: rodents will return to the bait again and again.


Also important to pest control operators: EATON BAIT BLOCKS are accepted for use in federally inspected food plants, and meet government labeling requirements. For best results with EATON BAIT BLOCKS FOLLOW LABEL DIRECTIONS.


Low Cost, High Performance Higher Palatability Better Acceptance, Better Results

At Solutions Pest & Lawn we offer a full line of professional rat control products, pest control, including baits, mouse traps, poisons, stations and glueboards for all your  Do It yourself Pest Control needs.  These rodent control products are the most effective professional control products on the market and until recently were not available to the general public, now you can use the same products the professional pest control technicians use at a fraction of the cost.  You will find the largest selection of bait stations, glueboards, rodent bait, multi catch traps, snap traps for any size rodent and population.

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