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How to get rid of rats in your garage

posted this on Aug 4, 2016


Rats are rodents that inhabit all regions of North America and most of us can’t imagine that they are living in our yards, home and garages. Unfortunately, rats often make themselves at home even in places they are not wanted, such as your home and your garage. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand your options when considering DIY Rat Control. Read below for a few of the options offered by ePestSolutions. The realization is that the more we move into suburban life and more accessible food is out there for rats. They cause damage to structures and carry disease, making them an unwanted house guest to say the least.

Snap Traps:

Rat traps work best when placed into high traffic areas for rats and low traffic area for humans and pets. In other words, look for evidence of chew marks, rat dirt marks or even material that has been chewed up. When you find these areas in your garage–usually along the walls–place rat traps there. Check traps regularly, and if you notice there are some that always ineffective–never catches any rats–consider moving them to a different location.

Rat Snap traps should be placed in the area you are seeing the droppings, rub marks, etc. The opening will be placed facing the walls, so that the rat natural movement will be the end of him or her. After you find your traps empty for several days in a row and you do not see any evidence of ongoing rat activity, you have likely caught them all. But I would recommend keeping a set traps or 2 for a week more just in case.

Glue traps:

Another common option to try when getting rid rats in your garage is glue traps. These traps work by enticing rats onto its surface, then trapping them in the glue. Place them in your garage in the same manner you would a snap trap and follow the same protocol to determine if you have got them all. Some glue traps have a scent, but the most important thing with rat control in your garage is that the glueboards are heavy duty enough to keep them stuck on, and not simply slide their bodies off. Nothing more disappointing is finding your glueboard full of fur but no rat!

Poison and bait stations:

Poison is an effective way to kill rats, but can be dangerous for other animals. Therefore, when using poison, it is best to utilize bait stations. These contraptions allow you to place poison inside, and therefore keep it away from your pets and humans. They are made of heavy duty plastic, bait is staked on rods inside so that nothing can be shaken out accidentally. We love this method for long term control of your neighborhood rats, keep them loaded, and the rats will feed and go. You can determine a lot about how many rats are out there by the number of times you have to refill your bait stations. Rats can access the poison through the stations and are then die once they ingest the poison. Please note the rat does not die in the stations, it will take 4 to 12 days for death. In years past, this type of poison was only available through professional exterminating companies, but now ePestSolutions allows everyone access to this highly effective product.

Taking care of a rat infestation is nobody’s idea of fun well maybe some of us! However, thanks to the DIY options offered through companies like ePestSolutions, you as a homeowner can now take care of your own rat control issue, thus saving you money and protecting your property.

Unfortunately, rats don’t care where they get there food, or create a nest or home. And if you think about it what better place than your garage. Therefore, it is a good idea to understand your options when considering DIY Rat Control and know that we are here to help with any and all situations.

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