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Common winter pests: keep them out of your home

posted this on Aug 5, 2016

Have you heard of “overwintering”? It is a set of processes used by insects and animals to enable them to get through the winter season alive. Some migrate to warmer climes, some hibernate, and some move right into your warm and cozy home! You can identify common pests that want to overwinter in your home and take steps to keep them out.


Pest Control in Winter

Both rodents and insects will seek shelter and food during cold and lean times, often in human homes. Some of these common pests are harmless, such as beetles, boxelder bugs and lady bugs. They may cause alarm, but they don’t pose any direct health risks. Other pests are not so benign. Rodents and cockroaches can spread disease, contaminate food and contribute to allergies, both skin and respiratory. There are many ways to eradicate these pests that involve chemical applications, traps, and baits. Many of these can be found on the ePestSolutions website, but we believe that prevention should be the first line of defense against the more common of the winter pests.


Inside of the home, start with practicing good sanitation!

  • Keep counters clean
  • Tightly seal leftovers
  • Rinse recyclables before storing
  • Empty garbage bags and cans regularly
  • Vacuum often to keep the source of the pests food off your floors

Next, keep the outside critters out! Rats can fit through quarter size holes and mice through holes the size of a dime. Insects, of course, can come in through even smaller openings, under cracks, through crevices. Some steps to prevent them are:

  • Seal cracks in home exteriors (especially southern and western walls that get warm and attract chilled insects)
  • Make sure doors and windows close and seal tightly
  • Install insect screens on foundations and attic vents and other openings Wintertime Pest Control - Mouse in Snow

There are also ways to not only keep pests out of your home, but also away from your home. Many pests nest in firewood or in piles of refuse like leaves, lumber, and mulches. Rodents can gain access to your home by climbing trees to get to your walls and roof. You can try these tips for prevention:

  • Keep branches, plants and shrubs trimmed and away from the house
  • Store firewood and mulch at least two feet away from home and keep firewood elevated off the ground
  • Inspect firewood before bringing into the home

By following these basic tips you can greatly reduce the amount of overwintering in your home. If insects are found indoors, try vacuuming them up first. If they become more than you can deal with by preventative measures, please call us or visit our website! ePestSolutions will have what you need. Keep warm this winter and keep the overwintering invaders out!





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